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7 Amazing ways to Use Action Camera in Outdoor Activities



Outdoor activity can be a fun time to spend with your loved ones, and every bit of such a moment needs to be captured with your action camera. This article offers some useful positions for capturing moving objects such as following trails, placing yourself in the perfect spot to catch a beauty, or bringing in the camera with an explosive spring shot. With a lot of effort, the camera can take photos of brilliant trails, climb mountains, or dive into lakes. And with a few tricks like a pinch in the middle of the lens to hold your selfie in place or a sliding vertical frame, you can also frame other people during the same adventure. 

Capture a low-angle pan with your action camera

In your outdoor event, you can use the low-angle pan to capture your subject and use the red shutter button to capture a sequence of four shots. When you're finished, tap the image to zoom in, then press the record button to capture a JPG image.

First, to capture a full-frame pan, position your camera roughly in the middle of your subject and wait for the camera to track straight up to your desired point. Release the shutter button and wait until the image appears in the viewfinder.

Tap the screen to select the sequence of four shots. Use the white circles on the screen to adjust the shutter speed and exposure settings and tap.

Stand the camera on a helmet

This might look goofy at the moment, but if you need that perfect first-person point of view, this is one way to get it. It could be perfect for capturing your food footage. This is another easy one that can get lots of different footage from motorcycles to scooters to skydiving and hiking. Remove the action camera from its protective housing and set it on your helmet.

If you are riding, attach the clip where your helmet meets the headrest, so you can be sure to keep it on. Go to the video setting screen, and select the shot/action mode.

For cars, you may need to choose the low-light/neutral color mode. If you have a action camera on your bike and you set it to action/low-light/neutral, you'll notice your action camera is almost invisible. If you have an action camera with two separate cameras, one on each side of your car, you'll see that one side is much brighter than the other, but on both vehicles, the camera doesn't come off.

Mount the camera in your mouth

Place the camera in your mouth so that it sits just slightly above the roof of your mouth. I'm guessing it will be about the same height as the base of your tongue. The battery should sit right on top of the camera.

I’d recommend attaching the camera while you're biting. The camera itself won't harm your teeth, but make your kiss feel a bit more secure when you connect it.

Place your mouth open and close your mouth around the battery. Don't worry about sealing up the battery; just avoid the tip by flicking your tongue outward.

Mount the camera on your pet

It's simpler than you think to recruit your dog, cat, or horse to join your adventure! It's a unique perspective that would probably be used sparingly in your outdoor activities but could inject some fun moments into your footage.

Mount your action camera to your dog to capture the world from his point of view. The action camera uses two mounting locations for a different shot: the chest, bone-chewing, digging and front-paw action, and the back, over-the-head shots of running, jumping, fetch, and more. You can also use the selfie camera for high-resolution photos.

There are two ways to mount your camera.

1) With the V2.0 II Camera Mount:

2) By attaching the V1.0 Large Vibration Compensation Mount:

It's one of the most available mounts to connect to any subject. Adjust the damping control on your mount until your pet is adapted to the vibration compensation mount. The mount operates in either two positions, and it adjusts out the noise and vibration to perfection. Your pet will thank you!

Use in Vlogging

Since action cams are so compact, easy to use, and can go with you almost anywhere, they're an excellent camera for vloggers. 

You can document your adventure using the 50-foot waterfall descent. Don’t go full video, use a Tilt/Shift Camera (similar to the "Tilt+Shift" concept in Green Screen Photography). However, if you do, then Action Cams are fantastic: they are quick to use, very affordable, and completely compact. You can record videos on them and store it as long as you can keep the charging cord.

Shoot underwater

Several action cameras are waterproof, like AKASO Brave 7LE. Your setup may be a bit more sophisticated, or you might be interested in an underwater camera. Although not as secure as an active cam, underwater cams are great fun to watch underwater, and should not be discarded or refilled until you're entirely comfortable with the setup.

Know your time-lapse techniques

A time-lapse is a motion or image slow enough to capture all of the scene's action at one time. Understanding the proper methods to use will make shooting a time-lapse much more comfortable and more enjoyable.

Attach the camera to silverware

Put viewers in your food's perspective! Since this will give you a kind of claustrophobic, tight shot, it might be suitable for an unsettling horror project. Some examples: icebox, a shallow sink, millstones, arctic roads, etc.

Attach your final scene to your roller.

Hone in on the low areas, ground textures, or large rocks in the final scene. 

Hint: You can "blend" single objects into larger groupings by using the yellow bump-map. This is useful when you are trying to get a specific textured detail on something.


Before you embark on your next outdoor trip, make sure you know all the basic action camera movements and angles. Then you're ready to use your cam like a pro, incorporate cinematic camera moves, and improve your footage.     


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