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A Beginner Guide to Buy an Action Camera
2020-09-11 15:09:10

If you are looking for the best way to capture, record, and relive those thrilling moments of your life, then consider getting an action camera. This device works great to capture various sports moments, adventures, as well as other activities.  

However, beginners that want to buy this device will need a comprehensive guide to choose the best action camera among the numerous available options. To make things easy, I have put together a beginner guide to action cameras to help buyers make the right choice.  

Here, I provided what you need to consider when buying an action camera and the best models on the market. 

Beginners Guide to Buying the Best Action Camera 

- Quality of Video

Before choosing a brand and model of an action camera, you should know the video quality it offers. The 4k resolution video is the highest quality you can get on a camera, followed by 1080p and 720p. However, there is no point going for a higher resolution if you don't have the devices to view the video recordings.

- Picture Resolution

One of the important things to consider when buying a camera is the quality of the picture it produces. That is why the resolution is essential when choosing one. The higher the resolution, the better the image quality. Most action cameras come with 1080 HD resolution capacity, but models with 1440 and 2160 ultra HD offer better image quality.

- Battery Strength

You can't capture anything on a camera with a dead battery. Hence, you should consider the battery life before you purchase any action camera. Make sure you find out the type and the battery capacity. Three hours of filming high-resolution videos is a great deal for an action camera.

- Weight, Shape, and Size

Choose a camera with a convenient weight, shape, and size to enable you to carry it around easily. For instance, the box-shaped camera is best for you if you intend to hang it on your chest. However, the best option is to go for a light, compact, and sleek camera.

- Connectivity

Of course, you would want the world to relive your moments with you. Hence, you would like to upload your picture to the internet for your friends to see. That's why this feature is essential as it ensures that you can easily connect to other devices. Modern action cams have various modes of connectivity, like WiFi and Bluetooth.

- Storage

You need a vast storage capacity to store all your pictures and videos. But low-end cams come with memory storage you can't expand. Hence, always go for one that can accept SD cards to provide enough space to store up every moment and action.

- Water Resistance

Nowadays, we want to capture every single moment, even underwater. And it will be a significant disadvantage if yours is not a waterproof action camera. So, depending on where you wish to use it most, ensure your camera is water-resistant.

- Accessories

While you engage in sports activities such as surfing, biking, swimming, you will want to get your best moves on camera. Hence, you need some essential action camera accessories kit like the bike mount, helmet mount, or selfie stick to properly position your cam.

But not all brands offer these accessories or mount features. So, ensure to check if the action camera you are buying from the stores or website comes with these accessories.

Best Beginner Action Camera 

View the world in full HD through the upgraded lens of AKASO V50 Elite. It delivers sharp and crisp images with the 20MP lens and high-quality videos thanks to its 1080P/720P resolution.

You can also control this action camera without touching it with the voice control feature. With words like 'Action start video', you could start a video shoot, and by saying 'Action Photo', it takes a picture. You can also adjust its view angle to either wide or narrow, and it helps in better image distortion.

It has durable construction and a sturdy waterproof case that allows you to film underwater. You can also dive 131ft deep into oceans or surf the tides and catch all your camera activities.

What's more, it features an advanced Electronic image Stabilization that helps the camera produce smooth footage even with a trembling hand.

The AKASO V50 Pro stands as one of the best 4k WiFi action cameras on the market.  The reason is that it features 4k resolution and WiFi connectivity for users to shoot high-quality video and share incredible moments with friends and family instantly. Furthermore, it renders a superb image that shows every detail.

With the built-in Advance EIS feature, this model stands as the best action camera for image stabilization. This feature enables it to deliver smooth footage when shooting fast-moving objects.

It has an intuitive touch screen, which makes it easier to control. And you don't need to worry about storage as you can attach a micro SD to store up more videos and photos.

Additionally, it comes with an essential action camera accessories kit, including a waterproof case, helmet mount, and bicycle mount. It also comes with a quick reference guide that provides you enough information on how to use the device.  

Above all, it is a good water sports action camera as it is water-resistant to a depth 40meters. So, you can take it along for a swim or surfing.

Wrap Up

I believe this beginner guide to action camera will help you choose the right one that will suit your needs. If you don’t know which one to purchase, you can choose one from the best buy action camera recommended above. They work great to capture all exciting moments, so you can relive your memorable experiences anytime and any day.

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