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What is Action Camera and What is It Used for?


What is an Action Camera?

An action camera is a compact, rugged, handheld or mountable digital camera that is designed for capture what you see when you are immersing in a trip, sport or event. The action camera is usually mounted to your helmets, chest, handle bars of a bike or motorcycle, tripod to record life. 

Each camera has a purpose. For a professional photographer, a DSLR or mirrorless camera is a perfect tool. For those beginners who just want to take a nice photo, a point and shoot camera is always the best option. And action camera is a camera that is built for the vloggers, divers, cyclists, and whoever enjoys outdoor activities and wants to record their adventures. 

Nowadays, action cameras are quite powerful and able to help record high-quality videos & photos in all kinds of environments. Here are the features that you can find on an action camera.

4K Video

4K action cameras have been available since as early as 2014. Now nearly all action cameras support 4K videos recording. High-end action camera can even record 4K cameras at up to 60 fps, which means with action cameras, you can get clear and crisp videos for playing on smartphones, computers and even TVs. 

Action cameras can not only be used to shoot videos, but also to get stunning photos. Most action cameras also take photos up to 12 megapixels.


Action cameras are widely used for diving, surfing, fishing, swimming and other water sports, thus waterproof is a must. 

Unlike other cameras, action cameras have extra layers of protection for the lens and the body. It is a trend for manufacturers to develop a water-resistant action camera that is waterproof itself without protective case. 

Now cameras like GoPro Hero, AKASO Brave 7 LE can be water-resistant without housing. These action cameras can be used underwater up to 10 meters, making it able to record your time scuba diving. And with a water case, the action camera can survive to up to 30-40 meters.

Waterproof Action Camera

Image Stabilization 

As users are usually moving, jumping, climbing when they are filming with an action camera, the camera have to be shakeproof. Action cameras tend to adopt Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) technology to reduce blurring and maintain high image quality while in motion. That’s why many extreme sports enthusiasts, such as cyclists, motorcyclists, skateboarders, love using action camera for recording their adventures. 


Action cameras are notorious for their mobility. Compared to a DSLR, the action camera is as small as a hand. The camera can be handheld or be mounted to anything. Most companies sell these cameras with a set for the water or for a helmet so that you can mount the action camera on a helmet, a bike or surfboard. 

Bike Mount


People often use an action camera to take videos for hours in a row, therefore, enough storage space is important. Most action cameras come with a micro SD card of 64 GB or 128GB to store your videos & photos, and most of them allow you to change the SD card as you like. You can always get a compatible SD card of faster read & write speed for your action camera.

SD Card for Action Camera

How to Use An Action Camera?

There are many clever ways to use an action camera. You can use it to record extreme sports, mount the cam on wheels or handlebars to record your journey from a different angle, put it on the tripod for vlogging or even place it on the back of your pet to see the world from a puppy’s angle. 

And action cameras are extremely easy-to-use. Here are 3 simple steps to start using an action camera. 

Step 1: Insert the SD card into your camera. The SD card has to be formatted before the camera can read it. 

Step 2: Select a mode. Turn on the camera. By default, the camera will be on video mode when it is first started. You can switch to picture mode if you like. 

Step 3: Customize the camera settings if you like. Go to Settings, where you can select a video resolution or turn on Time Lapse, Exposure, etc. 

Step 4: Now you can press the shutter button to shoot a video or photo.

Step 5: Some action cameras also provide an app that can sync your recordings to your smartphone, where you can edit or upload the videos. 

Use Action Camera

Which Action Camera Should I Buy? 

To those who are new to action cameras, the first question might be: which is the best action camera that I can get? 

Well, the key to find an action camera that is best for you is to figure out what you are going to do with this small camera. If you need the camera for diving, get an action camera with the best waterproof capability; if you need the camera for biking, get an action camera with best image stabilization. 

Here is a list of best action camera for your reference. 

Best 4K action camera: GoPro, AKASO V50 Pro, Yi 4k action camera

Best budget action camera: AKASO EK7000

Best waterproof action camera: Sony FDRX3000, Olympus TG-Tracker, AKASO Brave 7 LE

Best action camera with image stabilization: GoPro Hero9 Black

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