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AKASO Creates “Shot on AKASO” Event
AKASO Creates “Shot on AKASO” Event
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AKASO Creates “Shot on AKASO” Event

AKASO, China - 18 July 2020 – AKASO Tech, the action camera maker, has created the “Shot on AKASO” online photo collection event. 

They’re looking for adventure seekers like yourself to capture exciting moments in your life and upload the photos or videos on their website. 

It's as easy as 1-2-3. All you have to do is head over to their website, sign up, send your photos or videos, and they’ll pick winners based on beauty, practicality, and brand fit. The theme of the photos or videos is not limited but they can be of natural beauty, travel, personal life, or music scenes. 

They’re looking to collaborate monthly or seasonally with all of the winners and the chosen photos or videos will be used for commercial purposes. 

This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to share amazing content and tell a unique story, and enter for a chance to win prizes, free trials, and money.  

The collection of photos or videos is going on from 07-18-2020 to 08-11-2020. The selection process will take 3 days, from 08-12-2020 to 08-17-2020. All the winners of the event will be announced on August 18th.  

To find out about the “Shot on AKASO” event, please contact:

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