AKASO Keychain | Thank You for Your Supporting! Please Stay Tuned!
by AKASO Official
Dec 11, 2020 06:42 am

Dear AKASO fans& keychain backers,

Thank you for all your support and we have exceeded $146,000 with more than 1,100 backers so far!

Close to Ship & Funding Stage Is Ended

In order to enable all our AKASO fans to receive the product ASAP, we decided to end the funding stage in advance and will move to InDemand on 5th December. We're really sorry about this inconvenience and appreciate your understanding and kindness. For your further purchases, our AKASO Keychain is still available from InDemand and Amazon.

Click to learn more:

AKASO Keychain On Indiegogo

AKASO Keychain On Amazon

To fulfill your orders before Christmas, the shipping process will begin on Dec, 7th, 2020. Please stay tuned with us for more information! 

About the Improvement Of AKASO Keychain

As AKASO Keychain is a brand-new conception of AKASO Team, it needs to be improved based on real feedback from common users before mass-produced. We’ve received many backer’s feedback that worries about the quality of the Keychain because some reviews mentioned the shortcomings of us.  However, the main purpose for us to send out the samples for review is to collect real feedback, so that we can optimize & improve the products in the production. So please don't worry, we are always committed to sending you the best product! 

If you have any inquiries about the products, please feel free to contact us at cs@akasotech.com. We'll provide satisfactory solutions to your problems. Thank you all again and we sincerely appreciate your support for so long!

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