AKASO Mother's Day Giveaway|Special Offer - Save up to 50%
by AKASO Official
Apr 30, 2021 04:59 pm

Save up to 50% | The Best Mother's Day gifts on sale right now

The following items are on sale for a limited time. Pick out the perfect gifts for mother's day!

V50 Pro The Endless Smmer                            Original: $129.99             Special Offer: $109.99

V50 Pro SE Action Camera                                Original: $134.99             Special Offer: $109.99

V50 Pro Action Camera                                     Original: $109.99             Special Offer: $89.99

EK7000 Pro Action Camera                              Original: $69.99               Special Offer: $55.99

Brave 4 Action Camera                                     Original: $79.99                Special Offer: $63.99

G101 Bone Conduction Headphone              Original: $49.99               Special Offer: $39.99

H-Band 2  Fitness Tracker                                Original: $29.99               Special Offer: $19.99

P40 Wi-Fi Security Camera                               Original: $49.99               Special Offer: $24.99

A31 Quadcopter Drone with Camera            Original: $59.99               Special Offer: $35.99

A200 FPV Drone                                                Original: $49.99               Special Offer: $29.99

Lucky Wheel! Sign up and get verified to win the amazing prize!  

Simply click the “start” button and sign up, to get the chance to win amazing prizes!

How to win

1. Enter your email address to participate in the lucky wheel, and you will get 1 chance to enter the game every day. 2. During the event, a single order gets you 3 chances to enter the game. The chances that you get for each order can be accumulated. 3. During the event, each promotional product in an order gets you an extra chance. The chances to enter the game can be accumulated. For example, during the event period if a user has logged in to the event page for three days (add 3 chance), places an order (add 3 chances), places another order (add 3 chances) which includes 13 promotional products (add 13 chances), that user accumulates a total of 22 chances to spin the lucky wheel. IMPORTANT: You must log in to your AKASO account before placing an order to get the chance to spin the lucky wheel.

Make this Mother's Day Special!!

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