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Best Action Camera for Hunting


Today, there are a wide variety of action cameras for hunting available to capture your kills or missed shots. Hunting action cameras are very helpful as you can review the footage and either analyze what went well or learn where your shot went wrong. As many skilled hunters can tell you, the most important part of hunting is to learn from your mistakes. Being able to see how you shot went, how the animal responded, and other factors that may have affected the shot can be invaluable.

We've combined a list of the best action cameras for hunting, bow hunting, duck hunting. All the cameras we are reviewing have gone through strict evaluation and testing, and they passed.

Below is our list of best hunting action cameras. 

1. LiDCAM - Best Hunting Action Camera

The LiDCAM family has arrived with the newest version of LiDCAM, the LiDCAM LC-WF, to make the trip smoother and capture all the stages of your hunting. You can capture your experience all the way through.

Most importantly, it has improved image sensors for better clarity on all shots and clips. Besides, the wide-angle lens is capable of catching almost anything in view.

The LiDCAM is very easy to mount, so it adds no needless burden when you need to capture your hunting moments. The action camera can be mounted to bow, gun or hat.  So, it's perfect to use with gun or bow hunting.

It has a Wifi Access option that lets you control the camera from a tiny smartphone app. This feature enables you to see your shots, take pictures, and record videos with your LiDCAM, and you can do everything from your iPhone or Android device.

Also, it comes with a wide-angle full 1080p high-resolution lens to record full HD footage of hunting or fishing. This camera also has a 1x-4x function to record distance objects accurately.

LiDCAM also comes with a rechargeable and removable lithium-ion battery, which can run up to 3 hours of record time or 8 hours of standby time. The camera also includes a wind noise-reducing microphone that produces high-quality audio.


It records a crystal clear picture

It comes with an additional 12mp photo mode

It has auto-focus and image stabilization features

The hands-free feature makes it easy to use


A 3 hours battery is insufficient for an entire hunt.

2. Tactacam 5.0 - Bow Hunting Camera

The Tactacam 5.0 camera is genuinely built with hunters in mind and is a full set of hunting gear. It also incorporates a 4k resolution camera and all the necessary tools for cleaning, charging, and storing your Tactacam. With the benefit of this camera, you're never going to miss a shot or an action and relive the experience every time.

The Tactacam video camera has been shown to be a useful resource for hunters as it draws animals between 75 and 100 yards closer with accurate and consistent video shooting.

This is a great bow mounted camera that includes a Gun Mount that mount your camera tightly onto your gun, crossbow, and scope, to offer stable filming.

The ultimate package of the bow hunting camera comes with a stabilizer mount for your bowThe mount only weighs 4.4 ounces, so weight is not an issue as you easily catch any moment.

In addition, Tactacam 5.0 is a perfect camera that comes with a wide range of built-in functions. It can also connect to the Tactacam app. This way, you can connect your smartphone to your camera. With this app, you can easily view your videos and images and share them simultaneously.

Besides, it has a built-in Image Stabilization software that keeps the sensor secure and balanced. Tactacam autofocus technology guarantees that every shot is focused with a tested and approved 50 calibers shock resistance feature. This camera allows you to capture crystal clear images in 4K.

Another essential aspect of this device is that it allows the outdoor encounter to be more eye-relieving. This little camera has an ultra-high-quality lens and a built-in low-light sensor. Tactacam uses a unique lens design, which gives a similar view to what we see with the human eye.

Tactacam 5.0 has a built-in 8x upgrade lens that draws your target closer than ever before. The latest 8x set the difference between a 20-yard shot and a 100-yard shot.


It is water-resistant

It captures clear images and videos

Slow-motion recording feature

- Built-in 8x zoom

3. GoPro Hero 7 black - Action Camera for Hunting with Zoom

When you're looking for the best action camera for hunting, you should consider the GoPro Hero 7 black to film your activities. The GoPro has released its latest Hero 7 featuring new hyper smooth video stabilization and live streaming features. It's battle-tested and can handle water efficiently.

With HERO7, you don't need any extra effort to record your hunting. It is easily adaptable to whichever weapon you're using.

When using the GoPro for hunting, you can adjust camera zoom by just touching the screen. 

The HERO7 Black is one of the most advanced GoPro cameras. Although this camera is without a gimbal, you're going to get a gimbal-like recording since it has built-in hyper smooth image stabilization.

The hunting camera has 4k/60fps video features and can shoot spectacular footage and 12MP photos in various modes like single, burst, and time-lapse. The videos and pictures are just as brilliant as the moments themselves.

The camera also has an ultra-high frame rate of 1080p/240fps video. It enables you to slow down the motion of the video to reproduce fun, thrilling, and epic moments in your adventures.

The HERO7 is rugged, compact, and fully waterproof, and is perfect for any adventure. Without housing, it can resist water up to 33 ft (10 m) so the action camera can also be used for fishing. It has a rechargeable removable battery, which can last up to 45-50 minutes.

Every enthusiastic outdoor lover wishes to make the adventure fascinating and shareable. It also has a Burst feature that can deliver 15 images in a second and will easily send the beautiful shots. This camera also comes with a SuperPhoto feature that applies HDR intelligently to optimize your shots by reducing noise.

The HERO7 Black also comes with a built-in Voice control feature. This is a wonderful invention that will help you create preset orders while you are in some outdoor exercise.


Voice control

Water resistance up to 33ft

It captures videos and pictures in portrait mode


Telemetry to video clips is short and complicated.

4.Garmin Virb Ultra 30 Camera - Rugged Action Camera for Hunting

The Garmin released several types of spectacular outdoor activity devices. Garmin Virb Ultra 30 Camera, among them, can easily draw the attention of hiking or fishing lovers.

With an easy mount, this can be a hat camera for hunting to set your hand free. The action camera can also be mounted to gun or bow, which is an essential feature for hunting camera. 

The Garmin Virb Ultra 30 Camera can shoot ultra HD footage so that you can take up to 4K/30fps footage with a nice action camera.

You will be getting your adventures in crisp, clear, and phenomenal detail. All these are possible with the inclusion of Garmin's G-Metrix technology.

It also comes with other cool features like voice control, VIRB apps, and lots more.


It is waterproof and can resist water up to 40m

Voice control features make hands free recording possible.

3-axis image stabilization delivers crisp shots.


Short battery life

Voice control only in English

5.Akaso V50 Pro - Best Hunting Camera with Wi-Fi

Product link

The Akaso V50 Pro comes in three different models. Each model has some distinctive features, but they all have the same basic construction. Meanwhile, the price may vary based on the model and color.

There are several features of this camera that make shooting in outdoor sports easy and elegant. Let's take a look at the key features.

The hunting action camera support Wi-Fi connectivity, which enable you to control the camera using your smartphone.

The V50 Pro records at 4K/60 fps. It will record rapid actions in smooth and perfect quality. This makes it one of the best action cameras since you need to move fast while hunting.

In addition, it delivers a sterling ultra-high frame rate 720P/24fps videos with a slow-motion effect. It also offers one of the best electronic image stabilization, with a wide field of view that is adjustable.

Besides, the wide 2-inch touch screen makes it easier to operate, and it is capable of taking still shots up to 20mps.

The external microphone helps the camera record sounds clear and adds more life to your footage.

There’s an additional external waterproof housing that protects the camera up to 98ft underwater. A 1100mAh battery will power the V50 Pro for up to four hours.

Furthermore, the camera also comes with a range of mounts to fit your hunting preference.

The hunting camera comes with the "smart pro+" software, which you can install to your smartphone. This software helps the camera pair with your smartphone easily.


It allows up to 33 feets wireless control

It can capture time-lapse video efficiently

It features an advanced control system


It doesn't work well in extreme temperatures. It works best between 23 °F/-5°C to 113 °F/45°C.

Factors Need to Consider Before Buying Hunting camera

Below is a list of important things that you must consider when buying an action camera. 


If we intend to take shots underwater, the first thing to consider is a waterproof action camera that can stay underwater for an extended period.

There are numerous models on the market, some of them without housing, while others need an additional protective case to follow you underwater. At the same time, it is vital to acquire a camera that has a shock-proof structure so it can remain solid even through difficult shots and bad weather.

Easy Mounting

A good hunting action camera with easy mounting capabilities offers lightweight construction. One of the hunters' most important choices is to get a camera that can be easily mounted anywhere, for example, mounting on your bow, gun, hat, helment, and still produces the best videos. There is a variety of hunting gear, such as bows or guns, etc., and it is preferred to acquire a camera device that can be conveniently connected to such devices.

Otherwise, you may always need to mount it over trees or on a helmet, so purchasing an action camera that has premium mounting accessories with it is important.


Many hunters ask for a hunting action camera with zoom as they can zoom in or out the lens to capture target in long distance. The zoom len is also an important factor you should consider. 

Battery life

If your camera remains active for longer periods, you can certainly have more hunting hours, and you will be able to record more of your hunting expenditure.

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