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Can I Use a 4k Action Camera as a Regular Camera?
2020-09-03 16:30:08

Action cameras are common among people who love sports and go for thrilling adventures. Beyond the fast-paced life, are action cameras suitable for day to day use? Let us look at why 4K action cameras are great.

- Excellent video and image quality

Action cameras are perfect for taking photos and shooting videos. Action cameras come with large sensors. Compared to the smaller sensors in regular cameras, these sensors capture more light and take amazing shots. 

4k Ultra HD action cameras take photos and videos with impeccable quality. These pictures are crisper and clearer than pictures taken with regular cameras that only shoot at 1080p resolution. 4K action cameras are also capable of shooting at high frames rates.

They shoot videos that are more pleasing to the eye. A prime example of one is the AKASO V50 ELITE. It can shoot 4k videos at 60 frames per second. It is one the best budget 4K 60fps action cameras you can get. Shooting video content for blogs and for social media will be a joy.

- Extra features

You can get more 'action' with action cameras. Action cameras have a wide-angle lens for capturing more objects. You can get viewing angles as wide as 170 degrees on an action camera. You should have no issues capturing dramatic shots of landscape, buildings, and nature with one. This also makes it an excellent choice for sports and as a dashcam.

Action cams also provide excellent image and video stabilization. With image stabilization on, you won't get shaky videos when you are fast on the move. You also get many features on action cameras like time-lapse, slow motion, wind noise reduction, low light videos, and long exposure. Getting one is a good investment.

- Versatility and mounting options

You get many mounting options on an action camera. Picture mounting your phone or a regular camera on your skateboard, not so great. Action cameras can be attached to wearables. You can mount an action camera on helmets, bikes, skateboards, and even on your wrist.

- Light and portable

Action cameras are surprisingly light and portable. Because of their bulk, regular cameras can’t be used like action cameras. Using a regular camera mounted on a helmet will either be too big or too clumsy. Action cameras are also small enough to fit in your pocket. This makes it easy to carry around or be mounted without feeling any strain whatsoever.

- Durability

Action cameras are built for capturing beautiful moments, even at any condition. You should know that action cameras are shockproof. This means it can handle drops and still survive without damages.
Another testament to action cameras' durability is waterproofing. Compared to regular cameras in the same price range, you get excellent waterproofing. With a waterproof case, you can reach a depth of 100 ft with some action cameras. You can have guilt-free fun at the beach.
You would have to pay top dollar for a phone or a professional SLR camera to be as durable as an action camera. With all these features, you will find action cameras to be more than capable for normal daily usage. 


4K action cameras do more than regular cameras. You get exceptional durability, great features, a wider angle, and crisper videos and images. Can you use a 4k action camera as a regular camera? 
The answer is yes, a resounding, yes. They can be used as regular cameras, and are much more than them. 

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