AKASO Community Rules

1. Thread titles should be legible and more descriptive about the content of your post.

2. Threads should contain appropriate, helpful, and meaningful content.

3. Please use the search feature to see if a question has already been addressed before starting a new one.

4. Post your thread in the relevant category. Don't spam or re-post.

5. Keep posts on-topic. You can take unrelated conversations to a private message.

6. No advertising is permitted. Solicitation after a warning may result in a ban.

7. No personal attacks. No posts of your own or someone else's personal information.

8. Please keep all criticism or comments constructive and respectful.

9. Trading points is not permitted.

10. The moderation team and administration (AKASOOfficial) reserve the right to edit, close, or delete any thread or post. If your thread or post is altered, closed, or deleted, you will receive a message explaining why. If you are dissatisfied with the explanation, please reach out to our moderation team first. If a satisfactory conclusion cannot be reached, refer to administration. Admin decisions are final.

11. Breaking the rules will result in a warning flag. If too many warning flags or post deletions accumulate on your account, you may be banned from the forum. If you have been banned and wish to request a reinstatement of your account, please contact club@akasotech.com.

12. AKASO reserves the right of final explanation, and may make changes to these rules at its discretion.

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