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10 Creative Inflatable Pool Floats for Adults


We all like to be in a cool place during the summer when the body cannot handle the heat. Summer is when we all want to hit a swim party or enjoy an afternoon by the pool or the beach. 

So is there a better way to cool off than with some creative inflatable pool floats for adults?

Inflatable pool floats for adults are becoming more creative design-wise. Unfortunately, with all the cool designs, it can be hard to know which one to get. But the good thing is you could always have something for your captions on social media.

Top 10 Creative Inflatable Pool Floats for Adults

Below are the 10 Creative Inflatable Pool Floats for Adults. They are durable and will give you the most memorable summer days by the pool. But, of course, it is up to you to make your choice. 

1. Inflatable Fruit Pool Float

AKASO Fruit Pool Float

There is nothing like a fruity inflatable. It brings fun and comfort to the pool. Moreover, it is eco-friendly and durable, guaranteed to serve you for the summers to come.

This inflatable fruit pool float comes in Watermelon and Pineapple versions. It has a medium thickness of 0.25mm compared to others with 0.22mm and a 0.4mm thick mesh.

It has a two-in-one nozzle that can inflate and deflate using an air pump, your mouth, or an electric pump. Its skin is PVC material on a design that provides a wide headrest for extra comfort in the pool as you cool off.

2. Inflatable Tank Pool Float

Tank Pool Float

This inflatable tank pool float screams fun. It is the ideal platform for pool games like pool battles and getting into the wild world ship battles.

It measures 6x44x24 inches with thick rubber skin. Its strong material made of vinyl makes it durable. The manufacturer of the pool punisher has done quality inspection and development. It has a navy-green color which gives it that battle appeal.

At the bottom, two leg holes allow you to sit inside comfortably. In this way, it frees your hands so that you can have water cannon shots. You can also easily maneuver this vessel. 

3. Giant Inflatable Pool Floats

Giant Pool Float

Yachting in a pool has never been better than with the giant inflatable pool float. It is eye-catching and sits perfectly in the pool.

It is perfect for both water and land use. 

Measuring at 24x24x10 inches and weighing 59.9 pounds, it has enough room for six people. However, its skin is a thinner vinyl material, which might need a vinyl patch kit. 

But, it poses a challenge of inflating and deflating as it will need a vacuum or an electric pump.

The stand-out feature is that it has drink holders for the group. The giant pool float is a creative pool float for anyone who would like an Instagram-worthy photo by the lake, beach, or pool party. 

4. Inflatable Bull Pool Float

Bull Pool Float

The inflatable bull pool float is very sturdy and easy to use. However, a successful ride requires balance, finesse, good water conditions, and a little bit of luck. With this float, it is all about "holding the bull by the horns" at your water parties. 

This inflatable pool float skin is premium UV-treated, raft-grade vinyl material. Its dimensions are 36x84x44 inches, so it can easily hold two adults who weigh not more than 500 pounds.

You can use your mouth, a pump, or even a hairdryer to inflate the bull pool float. The valve can deflate and grow ten times faster than the average valve. 

What's more? Once you buy it, you get a bonus drink float packaged within the box.

5. Inflatable Coffin Pool Float

Coffin Pool Float

Those who love the waters to death can get this inflatable coffin pool float. It is a striking sports piece with an eye-catching design. 

Besides, it features a spacious interior. What's more, you will also notice an add-on lid. You can put on the cover to close the casket as you float by.

It is unique and will get eyes turning simply because of its appearance. The coffin pool float is like burying yourself in style.

6. Intex Sit'n Lounge Inflatable Pool Float

Lounge Pool Float

As the name goes, the Intex sit n lounge inflatable pool float gives you the pleasure of sitting and lounging on a chair as you float. 

It comes in various summer colors such as blue, orange, pink, or green bottom. It has two heavy-duty handles for grip to give stability and a comfortable backrest. Moreover, it measures 60x39 inches and weighs 2.5 pounds, and it can comfortably hold one person.

A unique design feature is its two air chambers – one inner one and one outer one – that allow the mesh seat of the tube to sit lower in the waters. In addition, it comes with a one-cup holder and a repair patch.

7. Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float

Unicorn Pool Float

The unicorn pool float brings out a whole new definition of riding a unicorn in the pool. The color is eye-catching, and you could easily say it outshines the sun. It is also insanely fun and still completely Instagram-ready. 

This float measures 114 x 55 inches when fully inflated. It can easily fit two adults weighing not more than 400 pounds. Made from premium vinyl, it can extend and deflate using a hairdryer, an electric pump, or a hand pump. The upside is that it has a quick valve that is five times faster.

It comes in two sizes - Giant and Big – so make sure to confirm the sizes before purchase.

8. Inflatable Animal Pool Float

Animal Pool Float

The animal pool float is your ultimate summer outdoor swim party float. The best design is the swan float, which comes in a graceful swan design. The wings of the swan are two handles on either side for better balance. 

It is an animal in the pool with its thick vinyl that offers durability and resistance to tear. The handles and neck are well-designed for holding balance, direction, and safety. 

It measures 51 x 53 x 43 inches, and it can support one adult or two kids. It is quickly & easily inflated and deflated with an air pump.

This float is a must-have for those cool summers.

9. Inflatable Chicken Pool Float

Chicken Pool Float

This float is especially for chicken lovers. This pool float is your go-to water toy if you like to have your chicken fights in the pool. The inflatable chicken pool float measures 13.77 x 11.06 x 5.15 inches and weighs 9.01 pounds when inflated. 

It has two sturdy handles on the chicken neck for grip and safety. The bushy chicken tail is your backrest for you to enjoy sitting on them while floating away.

It is an ideal float for a fun and wild water adventure. One downside is that the wings can pop if not handled well. 

10. Inflatable Pool Lounger With Cup Holder

Pool Lounger

This lounger is ideal for a relaxed outing at the pool. It comes in two shades of blue to give that relaxing feeling by the pool. Besides, it is a 2-pack floating lounger, so it is ideal for couples. 

It has a comfortable backrest, headrest, armrest, and ottoman. The stand-out feature for this lounge is the cup-holder fitted at the side of the lounge. The interior mesh allows you to let off cool as you float away. Two connecting clips are available for you to tether yourself so that you do not float far away. 

It is easy to fold using its unique spring technology that allows easy storage and transport. In addition, it also comes with a carrying bag when you buy it.

Final Thoughts!

Summer by the pool or at the beach can always be fun, not only for kids but also for adults. Adults can have fun with these creative inflatable pool floats that are colorful and Instagram-worthy. 

There is always something for everyone when it comes to buying inflatable floats that fit your budget and age group.

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