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5 Cute Pineapple Pool Floats for Water Fun


There are floats for all pineapple lovers! But, we bet you did not think your love of pineapples and favorite pineapple drinks would make their way to your pool, did you?

We all like to sit and play in the swimming pool, lake or ocean with a cute pool float during summer. When thinking of the summertime, you think of holding a pineapple drink on a cute pool float for fun.

High quality and affordability are of utmost importance when looking for a pool float. But this does not mean you get a boring float. Some good looks to add to your afternoon by the pool will give you decent photos.

5 Cute Pineapple Pool Floats for Water

If you are thinking about a pool float, there are tons of options. Some come in different shapes, such as your favorite pets, fruits, and cartoon characters.

You cannot avoid a weekend in the pool on a cute pineapple float when it comes to fruits.

So, here are some of the cute pineapple Pool floats for water fun. They are fun and cute. With these choices, you can have the cutest pictures in the pool.

1. AKASO 2-Pack Pineapple Inflatable Pool Float


AKASO 2-Pack Pineapple Inflatable Pool Float

AKASO is a leading manufacturer of pool floats. This brand offers a variety of items for summer sales. So, this 2-pack pineapple inflatable pool float is one of them. It is firm and compact and guaranteed to serve you for the summers to come.

This sweet and cute 2-pack pineapple has a dimension of 13 inches (H) x 42.5 inches (W) x 69.7 inches (D). The skin thickness is 0.25mm is a bit thicker than other products in this range. The AKASO inflatable pool float weighs 0.4kg only when you fold it. You can fold it and carry it for travel.

Its unique design is like a hammock with a headrest and a footrest at both ends of mesh fabric. The carrying weight capacity is 150kgs. This 2-pack pineapple float means you do not have to be all alone in the pool. Instead, you can grab a friend and throw a party in the pool. 

What's more, it has a two-in-one nozzle that can inflate and deflate using an air pump, your mouth, or an electric pump. Besides, it has a design that gives you extra comfort on the pool. The fruity look gives it a tropical feel in the water.

Akaso provides customer satisfaction, so you can always reach out to them in case of any issues. If pineapple is not your thing, this float comes in a watermelon design, too.

2. Sunnylife Pineapple Pool Float

Sunnylife Pineapple Pool Float

The Sunnylife company has been around since 2003 giving its cute summer items. This pineapple pool float is all fun in the summer sun. The cute float comes in a yellow-green color which draws attention to the pool and the beach.

It measures 76.8 inches x 34.8 inches x 6 inches. So it is the perfect size for everyone to have fun in the summer.

The nozzle that is on the pineapple leaves that you can use a pump to inflate. It is rectangular, which gives you that extra space and comfort. Although you will find the Sunnylife pineapple pool float under the women's section, it is for all genders.

It is an ideal raft with good quality PVC material. In addition, it has a delicious fruity look. Thus, it is sure to get you compliments in the pool. So if you are looking for a cute pool float that you can use all summer long, go for this pineapple pool float.

3. Big Mouth Giant Pineapple Pool Float

Big Mouth Giant Pineapple Pool Float

This company is a renowned manufacturer and designer of lifestyle products. It prides itself in making designed products for its customers. So, after devouring some pineapple, you can head outside and hang out on a giant pineapple pool float.

This ultra-comfy pineapple pool float is the fastest way to get to your imaginary tropical happy place. The giant pineapple pool float is 72 inches x 46 inches x 14.5 inches. It weighs 2 pounds when inflated, making it easy to carry around.

This giant pineapple float comes in soft, thick, and durable premium raft-grade material. As a result, this material makes it easy to clean the float.

It is strong enough to carry a person of up to 300 pounds in weight. In addition, it is easy to inflate and deflate for easy storage. 

The float even comes in a kids' size for ages 1-3 so that the little swimmers can get in on the fun too. 

This pineapple float is a perfect relaxation accessory that brings both comfort and elegance. It makes an ideal gift for everyone to enjoy in the summer.


4. Intex Pineapple Inflatable Mat

Intex Pineapple Inflatable Mat

Intex Recreation Group has been a front-runner with over 50 years of history in the pool accessory market. The company has provided information on safety, quality for all the customers to read. 

You can always trust Intex products since it has received so many positive customer reviews. This pineapple-float mat has a fun pineapple design that is pleasant to the eyes. Moreover, it has many colors, giving it that tropical feel. 

A downside to this design is the warning signs printed on the front rather than on the back. The warning signs take away from the pretty pineapple design. 

Nevertheless, it has an approximate dimension of 85 inches x 49 inches x 6 inches when inflated. Besides, it weighs four pounds that makes it easy to carry around, fold and store. Thus, it is suitable for use in the sun as it does not sag nor lose its shape in the heat. Moreover, it is easy to get on.

It is suitable and best for adults from age 14 and above. The material is a high grade of 12 GA Vinyl. So, you can inflate it either with an air compressor, a pump, or by mouth. 

It comes with a repair patch for convenience and fast repairs if punctured. If you're searching for a pool float that you can use all summer long, go for this Intex pineapple inflatable mat.

In short, it is a sweet, fun, and refreshing addition to your pool. Not only that, you can use this float to relax on the shore or on the grass to get your tan. 

5. Pineapple Inflatable Pool Tube

Pineapple Inflatable Pool Tube

Versatility is a factor when it comes to pool floats, which is why you should go with this pineapple inflatable pool tube. There is no better way to waste away those summer days than by lounging on this pineapple inflatable pool tube.

This fun fruity design has a yellow ring that measures 50 inches high and 44 inches wide. Moreover, it weighs 1.10 kilograms in its package. It inflates fast so that you can get to splashing in no time.

The material is a durable PVC. It is suitable for ages nine years and above, and kids and adults can enjoy swimming around the pool as they cool off.

You can use this tube as a lounge chair for chilling out in the sun. The leaves of the pineapple are like a pillow for comfort. Moreover, its large size ensures that it has enough sitting capacity for one person for a top weight of 130 kgs.

It is fashionable and catches other eyes in the crowd. Thus, this pineapple inflatable float is what you should go for if you need superior resilience and comfort. 

Final Thoughts!


We cannot get enough of these trendy, cute, and unique floats in the summertime. With these cute pineapple pool floats, you get the best pool accessories.

Getting a good quality pool float will make you enjoy your adventures much more as you lounge or sip on a cold tropical drink while floating away. 

The cute pineapple pool floats are for water fun. These floats are ideal for pictures and favorite captions for each summer that come along.

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