Discusstion | How to Make the Perfect POV (Point of View) video?
by AKASO Official
Nov 07, 2020 12:41 am

Many action camera users may have a need to shoot POV video, among who may be a vlogger, an outdoor enthusiast,  or a Youtuber who usually makes unboxing videos.

point-of-view shot, also known as POV shot, is a first-person scene that shows what the subject is looking at (represented through the camera).

No matter who they are and what they record, It's not easy to make a perfect POV video.

But how?

Here are 4 things to keep in mind.

1. Accessories you need

Usually, you need to mount the action camera on your head with a Head Strap Mount.

2. Video Performance-2 tips to improve

1)Move your head as slowly as possible to enable horizon leveling, which can ensure the frame more steady.

2)Mount your camera upside down instead of upright, and adjust the lens’s angle to put it more where your eyes are without blocking your views. This allows for a wider angle of view.

3. Radio quality

if you want the audience to pay full attention to what your words without being distracted by other noises, such as the wind, the honking of cars, the noise of people all around, etc, an external mic is necessary.

4.What you shoot can get the audience's attention

This is up to what you want to present emphatically. Usually, you need to choose a subject to focus on.

For example, in a video shot by an MTB rider, there always is another rider being followed as a subject.

Anyway, a POV video that can bring audiences a good view experience and make them feel like they are experiencing what you experienced is a perfect POV video. Hope these tips can help you some.

How do you usually make your POV videos? Looking forward to seeing some of your special experiences.

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