Dual Dash Cam

  • Dual Sony Starvis
  • 340° Wide Angle
  • Dual Record 1080P
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • Parking Mode
  • Loop Record
  • G-Sensor
  • Support 128GB max

AKASO Trace 1Dual Dash Cam Front and Inside
AKASO Trace 1Dual Dash Cam Front and Inside
AKASO Trace 1Dual Dash Cam Front and Inside
AKASO Trace 1Dual Dash Cam Front and Inside
AKASO Trace 1Dual Dash Cam Front and Inside
AKASO Trace 1Dual Dash Cam Front and Inside
AKASO Trace 1Dual Dash Cam Front and Inside

AKASO Trace 1Dual Dash Cam Front and Inside

Full HD Dash Camera (Front 1080p60, Dual 1080p30, 340-Degree Coverage) , Superior Night Vision with Sony STARVIS, Loop Recording, G-Sensor, Parking Monitor, Supports up to 128GB Memory

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  • $99.99

  • FRONT AND INSIDE RECORDING: Trace1 dual dash cam is equipped with dual lenses to capture exterior and interior of the car simultaneously at 1080p30 (340-degree field of view combined). When inside recording is not needed and turned off, the front lens records 1080p60 for crisper and smoother image.
  • UNPARALLELED NIGHT VISION: Thanks to the state-of-art Sony STARVIS at both lenses, which extends the sensitivity of sensor beyond visible light to near-infrared range, and WDR technology, Trace 1 dashcam excels capturing every detail of your surroundings regardless of lighting conditions.
  • G-SENSOR & PARKING MONITOR: Loop recording comes standard, and built-in G-sensor locks the recording clip to ensure data integrity when collision gets sensed. Parking monitor protects your vehicle even when parked - it enables the car dash cam to turn on if any impact is detected, record for 30 seconds and turn off again.
  • OTHER FEATURES: Trace 1 dash camera supports up to 128GB of mircoSD storage (class 10 or above and at least 16GB recommended, memory card NOT included); efficient heat dissipation design; internal microphone with on/off option; auto LCD off to save power.
  • PERFECT DASHCAM FOR EVERYONE: With so many tech and safety features packed into an affordable package, Trace 1 dash camera for cars is a perfect option to everyone - beginners and seasoned taxi and rideshare (Uber, Lyft) drivers alike. All AKASO car cameras come with 30-day hassle free return and 1-year limited warranty.
  • The battery of the dash cam is only for emergence file backup, please always connect AKASO Dual Dash Cam by the Car Charger when the camera is using.
  • Built-in battery can work for up to 20 minutes during recording or playback, which is completely longer than the traditional battery working a few minutes.
  • This car recorder can support max. 128GB Micro SD Card, suggest min. card is 16GB for this car camera. Please format SD card on your dash cam before using it for recording. SD card is not included in the car cam.
  • Auto Recording: when the dash cam turns on after powering by car adapter, the dash cam will start recording.If want to set others, please firstly pause the recording. There is a blue flashing light on the top left of the car recorder to indicate when recording.
  • Auto Screen-save: In order to reduce power consumption, this dashboard camera can be set auto screen-save, there are three times for optional. When the screen turns off, the car camera still work and record, just press any button to turn on it.

AKASO Trace 1 Dual Dash Cam 1080P60 Dual Recording

Dual Recording: Single Recording 1080P@60fps (Front), Dual Recording 1080P@30fps (Front & Rear)
  • Dual Recording: Support front and rear 1080P HD recording simultaneously
  • Single Recording: Front camera supports 1080P@60fps recording
  • Front camera uses SONY Sensor, which allows you to clearly record the scene outside the car and the license plate of front car when no street lights at night.
  • Rear camera adopts SONY Sensor (plus 4 infrared light technology), which allows you to clearly record the scene inside the car without turning on the light at night.

  • Dual Cameras & Dual Sony Sensor
  • Dual Recording 1080P & G-Sensor
  • Loop Recording & Parking Monitor
  • Wide Angle & Super Clear Night Vision
  • Micro SD Card Storage & 2INCH LCD Screen
  • Auto Recording & Auto Screen-save
What's Included
  • 1 x AKASO Trace 1 Dual Dash Cam
  • 1 x Bracket with suction cup
  • 1 x Car Charger Adapter
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Quick Guide
  • 1 x Hardwire Kit+Five Cable Clips

Built-in G-Sensor & Emergency Lock

The integrated G-Sensor detects collisions and automatically activates Emergency Recording that will store, lock, and protect the whole incident, thus providing evidence for insurance claims and traffic disputes.

Loop Recording

24 Hours Loop Recording creates video clips, automatically overwrites the oldest file to save the current file, when the card is full, do not need to change a new one or format the card again, very convenient.

HD Resolution

AKASO Trace 1 Dash Camera utilizes dual sony starvis sensor to capture full HD image 1080P(Front & Rear). The rear camera plus 4 IR LEDs to handle low light conditions of inside car and get clear video footage.

Wide Angle

Out of the traditional design concept of adjustable viewing angle, a new front and rear lens integrated design is adopted.The viewing angle can be up to 340 ̊, saved the cumbersome adjustment for you.

Super Night Vision

Front camera uses SONY Sensor, and Rear camera adopts SONY Sensor (plus 4 infrared light technology), which allows you to clearly record the scene inside and outside no matter in daytime and at night.

Easy Installation

Easy installation on the windshield via the suction cup mount of this dash cam.New Design, Flexible Install and Uninstall, One Camera Dual-use, you can take down to record the events/scenes what you want anytime, anywhere.

Micro SD Card Storage

AKASO Trace 1 Dual Dash Cam supports 128GB Micro SD card Cass 10+ (not included).For 64GB or 128GB card, please format it on the dash camera before using.

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