AKASO B60 Outdoor Security Camera
AKASO B60 Outdoor Security Camera
AKASO B60 Outdoor Security Camera
AKASO B60 Outdoor Security Camera
AKASO B60 Outdoor Security Camera
AKASO B60 Outdoor Security Camera
AKASO B60 Outdoor Security Camera
AKASO B60 Outdoor Security Camera
AKASO B60 Outdoor Security Camera

AKASO B60 Outdoor Security Camera

Work with Alexa,Google Home,Wifi IP Camera,Fire TV,IP65 Waterproof Home Wireless Surveillance Camera ,Two-Way Audio,Remote Access,Motion Detect,Card/Cloud Storage

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  • $79.99

  • 【Work with Alexa & Google Home & Fire TV】
  • 【IP65 Weatherproof】This waterproof security camera supported temperature range from -20℃~50℃ (-4℉~122℉)
  • 【Motion Detect & Two-Way Audio】
  • 【Super Night Vision & 1080P FHD】
  • 【Phone Remote Access & Recordings Storage】


  • This outdoor security camera doesn't come with a micro sd card, you need to get it separately, recommend to get the class 10 or above, support 2GB-128GB micro SD card.
  • Please first power on this outdoor camera,take off the silicone cap, then insert the micro SD card.
  • AKASO Smart Camera only supports 2.4GHz WIFI connection, not 5GHz.
  • For Alexa devices, currently only support Amazon Echo Show and Echo Spot; For google home, only support Google Home with Chromecast device and Google Home Hub; other devices are still under developing, will work with this wireless smart camera soon.

AKASO B60 Wifi Bullet Camera 1080P FHD

Compatible with Alexa & Google Home & Fire TV

AKASO wireless camera is compatible with Amazon Echo Show and Echo Spot, just ask Alexa to show what you want,you can see the live view of the security camera. Same as Google Home & Fire TV.

How to connect Amazon Echo Show?

Before using Echo Show to control AKASO Samrt Camera,please meet the following:

1.Echo Show and Amazon Account;AKASO Smart Camera and AKASO Smart App.

2.The same, stable WIFI network for Echo Show and AKASO Smart Camera.

What's Included:
  • 1 * 1080P Outdoor Security Camera
  • 1 * Power Adapter
  • 3 * Mount Screws
  • 3 * Expansion Bolt
  • 1 * Reset Pin
  • 1 * Quick Reference Guide

Note: when search on Alexa App, please search "Smart Life", then select “Smart Life” and enable the Skill.

IP65 Weatherproof

This waterproof security camera supports temperature range from -20℃~50℃ (-4℉~122℉),which is strong enough to withstand rough weather,even in the storm and snowy weather.

This waterproof camera is ideal use for both indoor and outdoor.

Motion Detection & Sound Detection

With the function of motion detection and sound detection,every potential risk will be identified accurately.

The surveillance camera will immediately push notifications with snapshots to your phone and app alerts at the same time.

Two-Way Audio

This bullet camera built-in high quality microphone and speaker,you can listening and talking via mobile app with your guests or scare off intruders.

Excellent Nightvisio Up to 65ft (20m)

The wireless security camera is equipped with auto IR LED Lights for night vision,with an long viewing distance up to 65ft (20m).

You can monitor your home or business clearly and easily whether it's day or night.

Support Cloud Storage and Mirco SD Card Storage

This home security camera supports cloud storage which can avoid the risk of losing video clips,ensure all your videos are safe and protected.

Support Amazon AWS Cloud

Support 2GB~128GB Micro SD Card storage (SD card not included).

112° Wide Viewing Angel 1080P Full HD Resolution

AKASO Outdoor Camera has 112° wide viewing angel with 3.6 mm lens ensure that you can see enough activity with limited lens

The 3 shaft rotation enable you more freedom of anywhere you want to view.

It delivery 1080P full HD images in rain or wind, so that you can capture clear details outside.

Multiple Viewing Options and Unlimited User

Videos can be viewed from iOS or Android mobile devices,tablet.(This outdoor video camera need to be set up via mobile app first.)

You can share the device to your family members or friends so they can also access to the live footage of the camera, receive motion alerts and operate the other functions of the devices as long as they obtain

Q: Does the camera have a SD card slot and reset hole?

A: Yes, the SD card slot and reset hole are both under the waterproof rubber plug which is opposite to the AKASO logo. You should open the waterproof rubber plug to use them. We also paste a sticker near the slot to indicate the position. 

Q: Does this have a battery or does it have to stay connected to be powered?

A: This outdoor camera has to stay connected to be powered. Please plug the adapter in a socket to power on the camera.

Q: How many minutes of footage will the camera store?

A: It depends on the card size. But don't worry, when the memory card is full, the new videos will cover the old videos automatically, so you don't need to replace a new card. 

Q: Does it support Google Home Mini and Alexa?

A: Yes, this camera supports Google Home Mini. Please make sure that you use the Google Home Mini with Chromecast, and you also need a display screen. This outdoor camera also supports Google Home Hub; For Alexa devices, currently it only supports Amazon Echo Show and Echo Spot. 

Q: How much is the cloud storage?

A: The cloud storage fee varies from country to country. In United States it has four options now: 1) 14/365 days events recording with $44.99; 2) 14/30 days events recording with $4.49; 3) 30/365 days events recording with $99.99; 4) 30/30 days events recording with $9.99. The service project may update according to the market. 

Q: Is the picture clear enough?

A: Yes. The camera is equipped with 2M CMOS sensor that delivers 1080P Full HD resolution so that the picture is super clear.

Q: Can I set up the camera to a solar panel?

A: This camera can be powered by the adapter, the input power is between 100v-240v, and the output power is 12V. If the output of your solar panel can reach to 12V, I think it may be OK. But it's better to power the camera by plugging the adapter into the socket.

Q: Is it wireless or do you have to plug in power cord? 

A: It’s not wireless. The camera comes with a cord and a power adapter which needs to be plugged into AC.

Q: Can I get access to the camera by my phone?

A: Yes, but you need connect the camera to Wi-Fi and then use the App to get access to the camera.

Q: How long is the cord for the power adapter?

A: The cord of the security camera is about 9.8 feet.

Q: Is it waterproof? 

A: Yes, the camera is IP65 waterproof. 

Q: Does this camera move from left to right or stay in one spot?

A: This camera stays in one spot. But it has 3 shaft rotation for you to change the view spots, and it has wide view angle up to 112°.

Q: Can I view the camear videos on the Google Home phone App? 

A: I am sorry to tell you that this smart camera support Google Home with Chromecast device and Google Home Hub, but you can’t view the camera videos on the Google Home phone App.

Q: Can I upload to an FTP site instead of cloud storage?

A: I am sorry to tell you that this camera only supports micro SD card storage and cloud storage.

Q: Is this camera heat proof?

A: Yes, the camera is made of fireproof material. 

Q: How far away will it pick up motion?

A: The distance will be around 32.8ft (10m). 

Q: Will the camera keep recording or only when motion is detected?

A: Yes, this camera will keep recording as long as it's powered on and connected to network. When a motion was detected, your phone will get a snapshot notification, so that you can see what happened.

Q: Can I receive notifications when something has been detected?

A: The camera supports motion detection. You should first set on App and your phone to allow it to send notifications. When something has been detected, the camera will send notifications to your phone and App.

Q: Can you recommend a good outdoor extension cord to go with this camera since I am using it for an outdoor camera?

A: The length of the original power cord is 9.84ft (3m). If you need an extension cord, you can search on Amazon. I have some recommendations for you, hope you can find a good one.

Pwer Cord 1 

Pwer Cord 2 

Pwer Cord 3 

Q: Will this camera work in a remote area without Wi-Fi?

A: The camera needs Wi-Fi connecting, but you can remote the camera on your phone anywhere via any network even though there’s no Wi-Fi.

Q: I live on a very busy sidewalk and people often sit by my front door. Can I turn alerts off?

A: Yes, you can turn off the motion detection function in the App setting.

Q: Does this have its own software for "web" access or accessing through Windows? I need something with a nice interface & good settings.

A: The outdoor security camera has a nice interface and good settings, it is easy to set up. But you can get access to it online by phone App instead of accessing through web or Windows. 

Q: Can it be programmed to only do motion recording and alerts during certain hours of the night? Can it do motion recording without cloud service?

A: You can set event recording or non-stop recording on AKASO Smart App. It can do motion recording without cloud service but you need a micro SD card. It can not be set during certain hours of the night. 

Q: Does it support Google cloud?

A: I am sorry to tell you that this camera only supports AWS Cloud, it doesn’t support Google cloud.

Q: Where are the actual video recordings stored?

A: The videos are stored in SD card or cloud adopts encryption technology, and you only can play back in App. 

Q: How can I see the video details? What’s the video format?

A: If you want to see the video details, please use "Playback" function, and the video which is played back will be stored in your mobile. For iPhone, video will be stored in camera album, and for Android phone, it will be stored in file. It will be MP4 format and you can copy it into PC.

Q: Do you have to take the card out to delete what was recorded and to see what was recorded?

A: The Wi-Fi camera is encryption design, if the camera or the SD card is stolen, other people can not see your recordings. You can access to camera by phone App or you can record local video in SD card or cloud, then it will be saved as MP4 format in your phone. You can also transfer the MP4 video to other devices to watch. But you can not delete the record, it can loop recording. 

Q: What if my order exceeds the return period?

A: Dear customer, you don’t have to worry about it. If your order exceeds the return period, please send an email with your Amazon ID and order number to, we will try our best to help you. 

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