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How Should Beginner Use an Action Camera?
2020-09-15 16:16:30

Do you just bought an action camera for yourself, but couldn't get a perfect shot or record quality videos with it? Then, you are at the right place to learn how to use an action camera. 

As the years go by, photography is becoming a big profitable business for both photographers and social media influencers. Many use smartphones or regular cams to take pictures and record videos to post on the internet, which in turn attracts incomes. But using an action camera is a great way to step up your game as a beginner in the photography world.  

Although action cameras are quite easy to use, you might find it hard to get the best out of them as a beginner. Hence, I have provided important action camera tips that will help you get thrilling footages, beautiful shots, and make you a professional. Read on, as I bring you great tips on how should a beginner use an action camera

Tips on How to Use an Action Camera 

1. Start from Home

As a beginner, you can't just become a professional photographer within a few hours just because you got a new action camera. At least try to know the device before learning what to do with an action camera

First, start with taking still life photos of things around your house before moving outdoors. During this period of mastering your device, check the settings and best camera modes. Also, check out these two features- the frame rate and the camera resolution.

The resolution is all about the pixel quality, while the frame rate is the number of shots per second. For video playback, 24fps is the standard for an action camera, but you can consider getting one with higher frame rates. The best buy action cameras like the AKASO V50X or V50 pro features 30fps and 60fps video resolution. However, keep in mind when choosing your frame rate because of the higher the frame rate, the slower the slow-motion effect. 

2. Get the Important Accessories and Mounting Equipment

It will feel painful to lose your new expensive action camera due to a careless fall after hanging it on an unstable surface. Hence, ensure to use mounting equipment to keep the device safe when filming or taking shots from any position or on any object.

Models like the AKASO V50 pro come with an essential action camera accessories kit. But if yours doesn't come with any, ensure to buy mounting equipment compatible with your camera. If you're on a budget, you can use duct tape and a small pole as a DIY mounting tool.  

3. Try Out New Angles

You can't just master the art of photography by just clicking the shutter button only. The fastest way to hit a pro-level is by trying out new things like new shooting angles.

Recent models of action cameras come with wide-angle lenses that you can adjust for better pictures. You also have three options for field visualization adjustment. With these features, you can shoot from numerous angles and still get a quality video. It also enables you to take shots from unusual angles while maintaining a superb capture each time.

Additionally, try out various tips to enhance the lighting and shoot from different perspectives for a more exciting video. Taking a regular photo is a boring approach as a beginner.

4. Film from Different Positions

To get the best out of your camera when videoing, try filming from different positions. You can mount your sports action camera in different places while pulling your stunts. You would see that some angles yield a better result than others. For instance, there is no way the footage from your mountain bike handlebar would be similar to the chest view. Want to know more about amazing ways to use an action cameraClick here!

5. Film from Unique Places

The action camera comes in a compact size, and most brand includes essential accessories to take photos or record videos from unique places. For instance, imagine attaching your small action camera to a balloon, skateboard, or chandelier to record videos; that will be exciting, right? That's why it's good to film from unique spots.

If yours is not a waterproof action camera, you can place it in a watertight casing to record videos or take cool photos when swimming or surfing.

6. Get Extra Batteries

Ensure to take extra batteries with you when heading for your outdoor adventures. Many vacations have been ruined because of a flat battery, so try to prevent this scenario. So, keep an additional battery handy. Two extra batteries won't cost much and will do you a whole world of good when battery disappoints.

Final Word 

I know how precious some moments are and would want to relive them at some point. Hence, with an action camera, you can get every single moment of ecstasy you want.

But as a first-timer, you need to learn how to use an action camera so that you can get the best out of it. With the provided tips on how should a beginner use an action camera mentioned above, you too can become an action cam master in no time.

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