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  • What are the memory card requirements for the Brave 4 Elite?
    Brave 4 Elite comes with 64GB internal storage and does not support external memory cards. There is no need to purchase additional memory cards.
    It is recommended to format it before using the camera.
  • How to connect the Brave 4 Elite to the app via camera Wifi?
    To connect your Brave 4 Elite WiFi with your smartphone, please follow the steps below:
    Please download and install the AKASO GO app on the App Store or Google Play first. The AKASO GO app lets you control your camera remotely using a smartphone. Features include camera control, live preview, playback, download, and settings.
    1. Turn on your Brave 4 Elite WiFi, There are two ways to turn on the Wifi. You can press the Power button or swipe up to enter the mode menu and tap the Wifi icon to turn on Wifi. When Wifi is turned on, the indicator on the top of the screen will be flashing blue. It will go out when Wifi is turned off and stay solid when connected.
    2. Connect the WiFi “Brave 4 Elite” and enter the password on your smartphone WLAN setting.
    3. Open the AKASO GO app, tap “+” icon on the upper right corner. Add “Brave 4 Elite” and click the “Live Preview”.
    4. Your camera will be connected to the AKASO GO app. Images recorded by the camera will be real-time displayed on a mobile phone. You can operate it via related icons related to the software or set function parameters of the camera.
    Note: To turn off Wi-Fi, press the Power button again or tap the 'X' icon on the Wifi screen.
    The Wi-Fi connection between the Brave 4 Elite camera and your smartphone may be affected by factors such as distance, signal strength, interference, or battery life. Be sure to keep both devices within a reasonable range, avoid obstacles or sources of interference, and charge the battery as needed to ensure a stable and reliable connection.
  • How to switch the front/rear screen for the Brave 4 Elite?
    The Brave 4 Elite action camera features both a front-facing screen and a rear touch screen that can display the camera's live view and settings.
    You can long-press the Mode Button to switch between the touchscreen and the front screen.
    You cannot switch between the screens while the video is recording.
    The front screen is for display only and does not support touchscreen operation.
    Note that when you switch to the front screen, the camera automatically switches to selfie mode, which may affect the orientation of your footage. Be sure to adjust your camera placement accordingly and check the preview before recording.
  • What is the water resistance of the Brave 4 Elite?
    What is the water resistance of the Brave 4 Elite? AKASO Brave 4 Elite waterproof depth rating is 10 meters / 33 feet (without an external housing).
    However, we recommend using a waterproof case when diving into deeper waters or areas with strong water currents.
    In addition, the Brave 4 Elite comes with an IPX-6 remote, which means you can use the remote in the rain but can't be used underwater.
  • Does the Brave 4 Elite support HDMI?
    Brave 4 Elite action camera does not have an HDMI port, so you can't connect it via an HDMI cable. Instead, the Brave 4 Elite camera has a magnetic USB port, which can be used for both charging and data transfer purposes. The camera also comes with a Magnetic USB Cable that can be used to connect the camera to a computer or other device for file transfer.
  • What is the battery capacity of the Brave 4 Elite?
    Brave 4 has a built-in non-removable 1650mAh large battery capacity, which can extend the use time of the camera, and reduce the number of charging times.
    It can hold on for up to 3 hours of shooting time at 1080P and up to 120mins for 4K 30fps video recording.
    With the rechargeable frame mount housing case of Brave 4 Elite, it can maximize the use time, so you do not have the trouble of "0" power during use. (The rechargeable frame mount housing case needs to be purchased separately.)

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