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Is It Worth Buying AKASO V50 Pro Action Camera?


Action cameras’ popularity has recently skyrocketed, thanks to AKASO. Their V50 Pro hit the market as one of the most affordable and compact cameras that can shoot 4K videos. It means that you can put it in the pocket of your jeans and easily take out whenever something exciting is going on.

AKASO Amazon Action Camera Features

AKASO V50 Pro has a 2-inch screen with a touch sensor that lets you control the picture or video by clicking on the screen. IPS display contributes to better visibility of the shot from all angles without the loss in contrast or exposition.

4K/30fps videos could be taken on this little friend. Unfortunately, it can’t make 4K/60fps now. Full HD, HD, and SD videos could be taken on V50 Pro in no time. The external microphone will make sure you’re audible.

EIS with a 6-axis gyroscope sounds a bit alien. This is a built-in electronic device that detects movements and can stabilize your video. If you turn EIS on, the picture will be smooth and stable, as if you’re shooting with a tripod.

Take AKASO V50 Pro to swim with you underwater! If you use a waterproof case, you’ll get breathtaking shots because your cam can dive up to 30 meters deep this way.

Amazon Action Camera vs GoPro

According to the Market Research Future, GoPro belongs to the leaders of the action camera market. The most popular models of action cameras according to the study are box-style ones. 

Why GoPro is so in-demand? That’s because this company was one of the first to launch action cameras that can shoot high-quality videos on the go. You can go to the mountain trip, camping, skating, surfing, snowboarding, and shoot the best moments of it with your GoPro if you attach it to the helm or hat.

However, other manufacturers learned how to do something similar to GoPro but for more affordable prices. AKASO is one of them. Twice or even three times cheaper cameras seem not to give way to GoPro cams.

How Desirable Are Action Cameras?

In 2018, the size of this huge market was estimated at $3.3 billion. Each year, it grows at a CAGR of 16.7%, which means that, in 2020, it’s estimated at around $4.4 billion. Not only travel bloggers or shooting crew need good action cameras but average people, as well.

We consider cameras like AKASO V50 Pro a nice present for a friend’s birthday, a cool thing to give to your child in exchange for good grades at school, and a tool to start making money on YouTube. $120 is an affordable price for vivid memories shot without hustle and bustle.


Action cameras make it possible for everyone to take awesome videos and photos on any occasion. You simply charge your camera, take a waterproof case, and can be sure your buddy will help you come back home with incredible material. AKASO V50 Pro is worth buying if you appreciate shooting the best moments of your life no matter where you go.

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