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AKASO P40 Wi-Fi Security Camera
  • 360º Full Coverage
  • 1080P FHD & Night Vision
  • Motion Detection
  • Cloud Storage
  • Two-Way Audio
  • Works with Alexa & Google Assistant
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If you need to order 40+ pcs of action camera, please contact us via email: sales@akasotech.com to confirm more details before placing an order online.
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    • 360º Full Coverage
      112° wide-angle professional grade advanced metal lens combined with 355° horizontal & 50° vertical rotation range to let AKASO 1080P full HD dome camera to capture a complete panoramic scenes with practically zero blind spots. It makes most of the area stays in your monitoring area, you can remotely control the pet camera and monitor every corner of your home in real time. Never miss any spot you concerned.
    • 1080P FHD Resolution
      AKASO wireless security camera delivers crystal clear 1920*1080P HD video resolution. Camera lens was made by 5 layers advanced polarized glass lens and 1 layer metal len. Polarized glass lens can effectively filter out the scattered harmful light to make the video quality more clear and softer. Advanced metal CS interface lens has improved the heat dissipation of the home security camera greatly, ensure the stability and continuity.
    • Clear Night Vision
      Advanced night vision with 1 built-in dot matrix infrared light extend the viewing distance up to 32ft in low light or pitch dark. Night vision will be on automatically based on light change, or manually by phone App. You can monitor your baby or pet clearly and easily at night. No infrared and noise polution, protect your baby pet or elder from LED glare, provide them with a quiet and powerful surveillance protection system.
    • Work with Alexa
      Free your hands, ask Alexa to show where you want to monitor by a simple commands. Whether you are cooking, reading or doing exercise, just say "Alexa, show me the baby room" on Echo Show after enabling the AKASO WiFi camera on Alexa Skills, you can immediately see what your child is doing. AKASO baby camera allows you to enjoy peace of mind. Small advancement brings you an easier, smarter, and happier life. Google assistant is also compatible.
    • Excellent 2-Way Audio
      Built-in enhanced microphone and speaker. You will be able to have smooth stable conversations with your family by using this indoor wireless camera, although you are not at home. Intercom Mode: one party to talk and listen at a time, so you can send commands to your pet, or scare off the unexpected person. Hands-free Mode: both parties talk and listen freely for maximum flexibility.
    • Real-time Motion Detect & Alarm
      AKASO wireless ip camera can get a sound alarm when motions are detected. Every potential risk is identified accurately and sent immediately, help you keep your home safe in time. Alert videos can be saved to your local SD card and Cloud where you could review, download and delete freely. User-friendly can customize your settings of motion detection on Phone APP.
  • Key Features

    360º Full Coverage / Clear Night Vision / Work with Alexa / Two-Way Audio / Real-time Motion Detect & Alarm / Cloud Storage / Multi-users & Multiple View


    1080P FHD

    In the Box

    1 x AKASO Security Camera / 1 x Power Adapter(5V/1A) / 1 x USB Power Cable / 1 x Wall-mount Plate / 2 x Expansion Bolt / 2 x Mounting Screws / 1 x Reset Pin / 1 x Quick Guide / 1 x Accessory Box / 1 x Package Box

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    • Q: Can you playback videos on a computer?
      Yes, you can.
    • Q: Is the security camera wireless?
      This camera has an adapter that need to be plugged into a socket to power on the camera. ‘Wireless’ means you can connect the camera to your network without any cable. The signal transmit is wireless.
    • Q: Where is the SD card slot?
      Just lift up the camera's head and you will see where to insert the SD card and the reset button.
    • Q: Can we download the App and view on multiple mobiles? How many mobiles can we view it on?
      Yes, you can view it on multiple mobiles. This security camera has ‘Share’ function and ‘Home Management’ function which you can share the device or you can invite your family member into a group, so that you can see the live view of the camera.
    • Q: What SD card do you recommend?
      We recommend 2-128GB card with Class 10 or above.
    • Q: Do I have to buy a micro SD card?
      If you only watch the live video of the camera, then you do not need to have an SD card. But if you need to record video, you need to insert a micro SD card. The camera supports 2-128GB card with Class 10 or above. To make sure the card more compatible with the camera, please format it on computer as FAT32, then format it again in camera before using. After formatting, the camera will start to record.
    • Q: Does the camera record audio when recording a video?
      Yes, this camera can record audio when recording a video. Please make sure that you insert an SD card or have cloud service so that you can play back the videos with sound. 
    • Q: Does the Android app push alert notifications to the phone or do you have to open App to review notifications?
      You can set on App and your phone before using. Please allow it to push and receive notifications so you can see the notifications on your phone. 
    • Q: Will this camera still record to the SD card if wireless connectivity is lost?
      Yes, this camera can still record to the SD card even if the wireless connectivity is lost.
    • Q: Can this camera be disabled when you are at home?
      Yes, you can turn off motion detection via the App. 
    • Q: Where can I view the saved videos?
      You can play back the videos. Enter into the live view interface, click Playback icon to enter into the playback interface. Then click “Calendar” to select the date you want to play back, then drag the time table to the exact time that you want to play back. The video will play automatically, and you can press to pause / play.
    • Q: What App do you recommend?
      We recommend "AKASO Smart".
    • Q: Is the App free?
      Yes, the "ASASO Smart" App is absolutely free.
    • Q: Does the motion detection work through glass, like a window to my front porch from inside?
      Yes, the motion detection works through glass.
    • Q: Can we set timer in the App to capture photos?
      No, you can’t set timer in the App.
    • Q: If I decide not to use Cloud Storage, do I need to pay?
      The camera supports storage with a Micro SD Card or Cloud Storage,  It's OK to just use an SD card for recording and storing videos, you don’t have to pay. The suggested SD card memory is 2GB~128GB, you need to buy a card.
    • Q: Can I turn the camera on and off remotely?
      The camera is powered by socket or USB port, so I am sorry to tell you that the camera can not be turned on or off remotely. If you do not want to record videos, you can remotely set the camera recording time schedule via the phone App. 
    • Q: Can I connect 3 cameras to my Wi-Fi, and I can still view them in one App?
      Yes, you can.
    • Q: Does it support 5G?
      No, it supports 2.4Ghz only.
    • Q: Does this camera work with Alexa?
      Yes, this camera is compatible with Alexa.
    • Q: Does this security camera come with a mount?
      Yes, it does.
    • Q: What if my order exceeds the return period?
      Dear customer, you don’t have to worry about it. If your order exceeds the return period, please send an email with your Amazon ID and order number to cs@akasotech.com, we will try our best to help you.
    • User Manual
      User Manual
    • App
    • Recommended SD Card

      microSD U3 Card

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