AKASO content creator/ photographer application form

We are extremely picky in this application because we are very specific about the style and theme of content we use. We also prefer to work closely with small team of content creators that we reward (pay) well and consistently. We generally pay by image we use, not every image/video sent to us. We are currently looking for professional photographers and videographers that fit specific niches (e.g. surf, climbing, expedition photographers etc.) that use our action cameras. However we are always open to new and unique ideas, please don’t hesitate to apply. We are willing to give out free products to people who are not necessarily professional photographers but can supply us with decent quality content from a specific niche. Please do not feel obliged to use all the characters allowed.

To create content do you intend on using:

Have you previously worked as a professional photographer?

If yes, please briefly tell us more:

Aside from sending you our products, what do you expect out of this collaboration?

Will you create niche content? If so, which niche(s).

Approximately many images or videos will you be able to send us each month? (Please consider how much time you will be willing/able to put into this company and be honest)

Briefly describe the kind of images/videos you intend on creating for us. You may attach some (low res) examples of your own content similar to what you have in mind.

Finally, let us know if you have any influence in any spheres (social media, clubs, communities etc) that you would be willing to push Akaso in?

*You do not have to fill in this section, not too important