Product | How to stay warm during doing sports in the freezing winter?
by AKASO Official
Dec 06, 2020 11:43 pm

Keeping warm will not only keep you away from the doctor, and will also make you more energetic all day long.

But how?

Stay under heating or beside the stove? You can’t go anywhere with these things.

Wear clothes as more and thicker as possible? It’s too heavy.

Is it possible to move with ease and stay warm whenever and wherever?

Sure. It’s a smart choice to have a heated thing always around you: like AKASO Nomad heated vest and AKASO neck heated scarf.

AKASO Nomad Heated Vest

With 3 adjustable heating settings (high, medium, low) for front and back separately, it provides you the perfect temperature for different indoor & outdoor environments, whether you are taking a walk or skiing. Its lightweight gives you an unrestricted feel and makes it perfect for any kind of sports, no matter jogging, cycling, hiking, snowboarding.

Learn more: 

AKASO Neck heated scarf

Simply wrap the scarf snugly around your neck, and it can keep the whole body warm and comfortable in cold weather. Moreover, it doesn’t have radiation but 8-9mm far-infrared rays which aid blood circulation and help relax tense neck muscles.

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AKASO has also considered other parts of your body and provides something heated to keep them warm, like the heated gloves to warm your freezing hands, ski socks to keep the warmth around your feet. Click the related link to learn more:

AKASO Heated Gloves:

AKASO Ski Socks: 

How do you stay warm during winter? Which parts of your body do you want to protect from freezing the most? Leave your comment below!

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