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AKASO EK7000 Pro

EK7000 Pro Standalone
                        Standalone includes 1x EK7000 Pro
14 in 1 Kit
Motorcycle Kit
Bike Kit
Advanced Kit
Super Kit
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Where can I check the camera version number?
How to reset my camera?
How to adjust the volume?
Does it support loop recording? How long is it?
What’s the video format?
Does it support upside down (Image Rotation) ?
Does “Image Stabilization” work with 4K/2.7K and “Time Lapse Video”?
Is this action camera a touch screen?
On the EK7000 Pro, what are the lens degrees for the settings super wide, wide, medium and narrow?
Can this camera be used as a dash cam ? Is the view angle wide enough ?
Is it possible to charge the battery connecting directly to the electric outlet?
Does this camera have external mic hookup?
How long does it take to charge the camera?
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