Q&A | FAQ About AKASO V50 Pro - Can I use this action camera to stream live on Facebook?
by AKASO Official
Nov 23, 2020 10:14 am


Q: What App do you recommend for this V50 Pro action camera?

A: iSmart Pro+ / AKASO DV / iSmart DV


Q: How to connect this camera to my phone via Wi-Fi?

A: For V50 Pro, please refer to the video below to connect V50 Pro to Phone & App via Wi-Fi


For V50 Pro, please refer to the video below to playback & download the Video to your phone


First of all, please make sure your phone doesn’t connect to any other Wi-Fi. The camera Wi-Fi will compete with other Wi-Fi signals.

If not working, delete the Wi-Fi and reset the camera(Go to “Setting”→ “General” →” System” →” Factory Reset”) and re-install the APP, then try again. Also please try to connect the camera to another phone.

If it doesn’t work, please send me your camera version number. Go to “Setup”→ “General” →” System” →” System Info”. We could try to update the firmware.


Q: My remote control can’t connect to the action camera.

A: Could you try a new battery(CR2032) for the remote and check what’s the color of the light, flashing or keeping on?

Please refer to the following link to connect the camera with the remote:


1) Turn on the camera;

2) Go to “Setup” → “General” → “RF” → “ON”

3) Press the “Power” button of the remote for 3s to turn on. (The blue light goes on)

4) Choose “Photo” or “Video” mode on the remote.

5) Press the “Power” button of the remote for 3s to turn off. Meanwhile, the “RF” is OFF automatically.

Also, try to connect the remote to the camera without the waterproof case on.


Q: What’s the type of remote batteries?

A: It’s CR2032.


Q: Where can I check the version number?

A: Go to “Setup”→ “General” →” System” →” System Info”.


Q: How to reset my action camera?

A: Go to “Setting”→ “General”→ ”System”→ ”Factory Reset”→ "Yes”.


Q: Does it support an external mic?

A: Yes, it does. 


Q: Does it have left and right channels?

A: Yes, it does. The external mic is for the left speaker and the internal mic is for the right speaker.


Q: Does it support loop recording?

A: Yes, it does. It’s called Video File Length.


Q: My PC can’t recognize the action camera when I connect it to my PC.

A: 1) Please set the camera in PC Camera mode firstly;

Go to “Setup”→ “General”→ ”USB” → ”PC Camera”

2)Connect the camera to your PC via a mini USB cable. Then the camera shows Connecting. Now it is used as a PC camera now.

3)The screenshot below is to choose an AKASO action camera as your PC webcam if you have lots of PC webcams on Skype client.


Q: When I record a video, it doesn’t run smoothly and sometimes it freezes; when I playback it’s frozen and shows “low card speed”.

A: 1) Did you format the card before use? Please format the card in the computer firstly and format in the camera again. Please try several times and reset the camera to try again.

2)Do you have another card to try?

Please avoid any card that doesn't advertise its WRITE speed anywhere. Sellers always advertise its “transfer read speed” instead of its “WRITE speed”.

You can refer to this guy’s comment below to run a thorough write speed test to ensure you're getting your money's worth.


For V50 Pro, you have to use the 64GB U3 card whose WRITE speed is up to 60mb/s.


Q: Does it work in low light?

A: Yes, but the 2.7K and 4K can’t work with “auto low light”.


Q: Can "Image Stabilization" work with "Slow Motion Movie" and "Distortion Calibration"?

A: No, "Image Stabilization" can't work with "Slow Motion Movie" and "Distortion Calibration".


Q: Hi, can I use this action camera to stream live on Facebook?

A: You can not use this action camera to live stream on Facebook. But you can use this action camera as a webcam, then you can live stream on Facebook. 


Q: Does the action camera have an underwater/diving mode that filters red light like the Brave 4?

A: Yes, it does.


Q: Can I use a 128GB SD card with this camera?

A: High Class 10 Micro SD Card up to 64GB is highly recommended for V50 Pro Native 4K action camera. But some customers say that they can use a 128GB SD card, with this sports camera. 


Q: How to fix a low-speed card?

A: Please format the card in the camera before using or try Samsung 64GB 100MB/s (U3) MicroSDXC EVO Select Memory Card. 


Q: LDC is grayed out with all angle settings. How do I turn on LDC?

A: If you want to turn on LDC/ Distortion Calibration, please turn off image stabilization first. 


Q: Why does my screen go all black with blue lights on and won’t turn off while holding the power button?

A: Please click on the link below (or copy and paste the link into a browser) and follow the instructions to upgrade the firmware. 



Q: What specific cable do I need to connect my V50 Pro to my PC so I can transfer files?

A: You need a USB cable to connect your V50 Pro to your PC. A USB cable is included. 


Q: Does this camera come with a wrist strap?

A: No, this action camera does not come with a wrist strap. 


Q: Does the touchscreen work inside the waterproof case? Or how can you control the cam underwater?

A: The touch screen does not work inside the waterproof case. You can control this action camera with buttons underwater. 


Q: Does the V50 Pro do motion detection?

A: No, the V50 Pro does not do motion detection. AKASO Brave 4 action camera does motion detection. 


Q: Why can't I play the videos on my computer?

A: Please download Potplayer to play the videos on your computer. 


Q: How do you use it as a web cam so that I can live stream on Facebook?

A: Please enter Camera Setting -- USB to select 'PC camera' and connect this action camera with your computer. Then you can use it as a web cam so that you can live stream on Facebook. 


Q: Will this camera give you a native 4k/30 fps live feed through the HDMI port? Also, can it be powered through a USB port while outputting live video?

A: The action camera lets you playback photos and video through the HDMI port only. 


Q: What kind of cable or adapter can you use to record audio from an external source (audio into the camera)?

A: Please click https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GR8RVZW to buy an external microphone for your AKASO V50 Pro action camera. 


Q: How long is the battery life?

A: About 90 minutes. 


Q: What if my order exceeds the return period?

A: Dear customer, you don’t have to worry about it. If your order exceeds the return period, please send an email with your Amazon ID and order number to cs@akasotech.com, we will try our best to help you. 

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