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Body Mounts: 6 Ways to Wear Your Action Cam
Body Mounts: 6 Ways to Wear Your Action Cam
Updated: 16/03/2021
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One of the reasons why action cameras are loved by adventures is that the camera can be mounted on your body. Whether it is to film a docuseries or to vlog an adventure that you're going on to a live audience, there are body mounts for action cameras that can help you to accomplish it. 

You can't always walk around holding on to a camera, and there are times when you will need both your hands - when climbing for example. Attaching the camera to some part of your body is the easiest way for you to document your whole trip while also keeping all of your limbs free. 

So, how do you wear your action cam? Here are 6 types of body mount for your action camera. 

Tip: If you purchase an AKASO action camera, you should be able to find various body mounts, such as helmet mount, handlebar mount, in the box. If you need more accessories to wear the camera, get AKASO's 14-in-1 accessory kit

1. Helmet mount for action camera

Helmet Mount

If your main activity is going to be biking or riding a motorcycle, then the best place for your camera would be the helmet. You will be able to record everything that you are looking at, and it will not obstruct your vision or impair you in any way.

This is a great option even for those who use a bicycle or motorbike every day. If something were to happen, you will always have video proof for your insurance or court case.

Video: How to Mount AKASO Action Camera on a Helmet

2. Chest mount for action camera

Chest Mount

When it is for your chest, you need to make sure that the straps used are tightly held but loose enough to allow you to breathe. If you are doing strenuous activity, this is important because you need to be able to breathe properly and move without impairment.

Therefore, you need a chest harness with an adjustable strap for your action camera so that you can fit it into any body type. It is quite durable and lightweight but will hold your action camera securely in place no matter what activity you are going to do - hiking, climbing, skiing, and so on.

3. Shoulder mount for action camera

Shoulder Mount

Having the camera on your shoulder will give a better viewing angle than on the chest. However, you can't set this mount up here for every outdoor activity. If you are going climbing, then it would be better to shift to another area as the camera can get damaged or will not show much good footage.

In order to better support the action camera on your shoulder, some shoulder mounts are worn around your chest. A shoulder mount usually  is waterproof, has very sturdy joints to keep your camera securely in place, and has a 360° rotating angle so that the camera can be turned around,

4. Clip Mount for action camera

Clip Mount

For the activity you are trying to do, there can be times where finding a suitable mounting area can be difficult. This is where the clip mount shines because it is able to mount itself onto any surface such as your clothing, backpack, or other carryable items using its high-tension jaws.

These are easy to carry around and are a great solution for when you are in need of a place to mount your camera on the fly. You can always keep these with you as a back-up and it will securely hold your camera in place.

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5. Finger grip for action camera

A finger grip is a convenient way of handling your camera while in the middle of your activity. It allows you to hold the camera at any angle you want without the fear of it falling out of your hand. You can also take pictures and videos with a simple click of the button.

You can get some interesting-looking footage using this method as the viewing angles can be adjusted in any way you want. You can usually get a tilt of around 120° in the vertical directions. If angled correctly, you can create a whole new point of view that is sure to make your videos stand out from the rest. However, this is not ideal for all types of activity because you will lose one hand when filming.  

Sony provides its AKA-FGP1 finger grip exclusively for its action camera(FDR-X3000, HDR-AS300, etc.) This mount might not work on the action cameras of other brands. 

6. Bite mount for action camera

Bite Mount

This is the only area on the list that is meant for very specific activities, such as surfing. This is because you will need both your hands to complete your action and the viewing angle from around your mouth area gives a very distinct action-like feel to the whole video.

Simply put, it is an accessory that you put your camera into, and there's an area where you can bite down to keep it securely in place. It is great for capturing some amazing videos. However, this is only used very occasionally because it can hurt your jaws to keep biting down on something during your activities. 

There's a chance that your mount can be washed away as well if you don't bite down tightly. This is why some items come with a "floaty" which is a tool that will keep your camera afloat and will be easy to spot. Just to be safe, it would be best to get this item as well so that you don't lose your expensive camera.

In Conclusion

The reason you want to purchase and use an action camera is the best indicator for which body mount you need. All of the options listed above will be perfect for any of your outdoor adventures. Select the best option for your upcoming activity and we're sure it will meet your expectations.

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