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[6 Tips] Shoot Stunning Sunset Timelapse Videos


Timelapse can present a dramatic change of a spectacular in a few seconds. You may have impressed by the timelapse of clouds, stars, snowfall on YouTube. In fact, it is easy to make your own spectacular timelapse video with any camera that you can get. 

This post is going to show you how to create a stunning timelapse of sunset with an AKASO action camera. You can apply the tips below to shoot a stars timelapse, snowfall timelapse, or even hair growth timelapse. The only limit is your imagination.

Timelapse Camera Settings

Timelapse Intervals

Time intervals are how often the camera takes a photo. You should set different time intervals for different objects. 

The longer interval for slow subjects. When it comes to taking timelapse of the sunset, stars, and anything that changes slowly, set longer intervals such as 5 seconds or even 10 seconds.

The short interval for fast-moving objects. When shooting timelapse of cars or people, select shorter intervals that last 1 second.

AKASO action cameras provide two timelapse modes. One is the Timelapse Video mode, which will deliver a timelapse video; the other is the Timelapse mode under Photos, which will give you a bunch of photos that can be stitched together into a short video with video editing software. 

When you shooting a timelapse in the video mode, you should also take the frame rate into account. If you have selected 4K/30FPS and 5 seconds timelapse intervals, you can get a timelapse video of 24 seconds (720 frames) after shooting for one hour. 

When using the AKASO camera for shooting sunset timelapse, the timelapse intervals of 2-5 seconds are recommendable. 

Image resolution

Higher image resolution will create photos of larger size. Therefore, when selecting the resolution of timelapse, you should make sure there is enough space on your camera memory card to store the photos. If there is enough space, you can choose an image resolution as high as 20MP.

Frame rate

Whether you are shooting a timelapse video or a series of photos that you can turn into an amazing timelapse video later, frame rate matters. For a slow subject like a sunset, if the frame rate is too slow, such as 15fps, the video could be a little bit long and boring. 30fps or even 60fps are more recommendable. 

6 Tips on Shooting Sunset Timelapse

Fully Charged Battery 

The camera will contentiously take photos for about 1 hour for the sunset. It would be a bummer if the camera runs out of charge when the sun is half-set. Make sure you have charged the camera beforehand. 

Also, get a spare battery with you just in case. And turning off the Wi-Fi capability helps to save power. 

Get a Steady Tripod 

The key to getting stunning sunset timelapse is keeping the camera steady in one position and let it capture the splendid. A steady tripod is a must. And if with AKASO action camera, if you can find a place, such as a branch, to mount the camera, you can use the mounts in the box to keep the camera steady. 

Wide Angle 

If you want to create a timelapse that has sunset on the beach, use the wide angle to capture the broad landscape. With an AKASO camera, you can get a 170-degree wide angle.

Check the Weather and Sunset Time

Before you are heading to a beach for shooting the splendid sunset, check the weather first, and get the sunset time. And a sunset timelapse will be more stunning if there is cloud movement in the sky. 

Practice Makes Perfect

You might not be able to get the perfect sunset timelapse on your first shot. You will get better after practice. Turn on Time Lapse and select a time interval to start shooting. You can start a sunset timelapse just from your window. 

Turn Photos into Timelapse video 

If you take timelapse photos, you will need to turn photos into a video. There are many free video editing programs/apps that can help you with that, such as iMovie, Final Cut Pro.

Share your amazing timelapse videos of sunset with AKASO via Shot on AKASO!


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