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Should I Get it? A Review of the DJI Osmo Action Camera

In 2015, DJI announced Osmo, the new product line that expands the company’s growth beyond its high-class drones. Osmo was created to bring small portable cameras closer to the action.

During Mid 2019, DJI announced a new product that challenges competitors like the GoPro Hero, the Osmo Action. The Osmo Action is one of the new great cinematic tools in the market and offers a wonderful experience for all people, a kid to a surfer.  

4K Video Capabilities 

The Osmo Action shoots 4k video at 60 Frames Per Second, can take 12-megapixel photos, can produce videos in slow motion, can create videos in a timelapse, and offers reliable stabilization technology called RockSteady. One of the new features that stand this camera out between the rest is the dual front and back cameras. While shooting a video or taking a photo, the user can check out the image through either through the large touchscreen in the back or at the front of the camera. All of these video capabilities combined have made the Osmo Action a key product for the action camera market.   

Built for Action Sports

The camera is built for the environment and for the extreme. The camera is waterproof up to 11 meters, making it one of the most advanced handheld technology that can withstand the depths of the ocean. The lens is protected by 3 aspheric layers that not only help withstand any damage but can deliver a perfect image while battling glare, distortion, and direct sunlight. The camera can be used in the hottest of conditions to the coldest of conditions. The camera is temperature resistant to temperatures as low as -10 Celcius. Compared to previous DJI models, the Osmo Action is 16% more efficient for their cooling. Therefore, not only can the camera be taken to extremely hot conditions, but the camera can shoot long videos without any worry for internal damage.

Custom Mode, Video Editing Capabilities, and Voice Control

The user interface is simplified and the experience of using the Osmo Action is one of the best in the market. The interface is easy to use, from the touchscreen to buttons. With only 3 buttons for the camera, the Osmo Action invites users to use an efficient touchscreen in order to provide a rapid and flexible operation. Users can either use a quick switch option with automatically made configurations for their video or photo, or they can explore their full capabilities of the Osmo Action by using the custom mode. When the sport is a little rough, and the hands are busy, the Osmo Action shows no fear and offers a voice control tool to navigate the camera. Even beyond the camera, DJI offers the Mimo App, that once paired with the Osmo Action, it can help edit and organize files with a smartphone. Overall, the camera is built for everyone, from a kid to a surfer.

The Osmo Action is priced at $379. While a hefty price, the Osmo Action provides a great option to record the action, sports, the environment, and everything in between.



While the Osmo Action is overall a great camera there are some disadvantages that come with the camera. The elephant in the room is that this is still a relatively new camera. The Osmo series is very new to the action camera market, and it will take more years for the cameras to truly mature in the market. DJI started with drones, so small cameras are not in their strong suit compared to GoPro, who has built a business around these specific cameras. Speaking of Gopro, actually there are many Gopro alternatives in the market which are all with featured value. 

The Osmo Action helps users live the action. With its current video capabilities, it is a great option in the market with a 4k HDR quality image. The camera can withstand all sorts of climate for all kinds of sports. The Osmo Action is easy to use for all people in all kinds of conditions. With all of this in mind, compared with GoPro, the Osmo Action comes with a great price for its value. 

Besides DJI, if you are ever in the market for buying a camera that you can take for the most extreme of trips, consider the action cameras from AKASO brand as well. High quality with considerable price make everything easier,why not!  Garb one AKASO V50 Elite, start your fancy trip! 


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