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Please note we are looking for people who have a follower base that would be interested in purchasing outdoor equipment, chiefly action cameras. Therefore please consider if your niche is applicable. We are currently focusing on Instagram, however we are open to any form of influencer. I suggest quickly reading through all the questions first so you don’t have to repeat yourself.
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3. If you have more than 10k followers on Instagram would you be willing to run a giveaway for one of our cameras on your instagram page, such as the one shown below:
Hint: While we will not decline all applicants that do not want to run a giveaway, but this is a fairly important strategy for us.
4. Briefly describe your representation/influence on other social media platforms
(including your niche).
5. Beside receiving free equipment, what do you expect out of this collaboration?
6. Have you been sponsored or worked as an ambassador/influencer before? If yes, please elaborate.
7. We like to feature the people we sponsor on our instagram page though our weekly #TeamAkaso Spotlight. To do this we ask you to send us a few short videos which we will use in a story of you talking about yourself, explaining who you are or just you in your in your niche (surfing, climbing, hiking for example). Would you be prepared to do this?
8. Would you be interested to advertise a promo code on one of our products which gives your fans a discount and earns you some commision? We can supply you with a code that gives your followers 10% off and earns you 5% of the sale.
9. How do you intend of promoting AKASO
Social media
Other (societies, clubs, communities, competitions etc)
10. Would you be willing to help us find dealers? If you can successfully convince a store (physical or online, but not Ebay or Amazon) to starting stocking our products, you will earn 4% commision on all purchases they make from us.
If your answer was yes, please let us know what connection you have to stores that you think would start stocking AKASO products.
11. Do you want to create content for our social media, web page etc as well?
If so please describe the content you would want to create and, if possible, attach a few low res images that you have taken which are similar to what you have in mind.
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