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Trace 1 Pro
AKASO Trace 1 Pro Dash Camera
  • Wifi with App & GPS Track
  • Front And Inside Recording
  • Unparalleled Night Vision
  • G-Sensor & Parking Monitor
  • Loop Recording
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    • Front & Inside 1080P FHD View
      With dual SONY IMX307 sensors, the dash cam simultaneously captures both 170° field of views of 4 traffic lanes and inside cabin, in high-quality 1080P FHD videos. It is a better option for professional drivers, such as Uber/Lyft driver, taxi driver, truck driver, and etc.
    • 1.7x More Details
      The dash cam can record up to 2K videos with 2560x1440@30fps ultra high resolution, 1.7 times more details than 1080P resolution. Or it can also record hyper smooth videos with 1080P@60fps setting. Note: 2K@30fps and 1080P@60fps are limited to be applied in front view only record setting
    • Super Night Vision
      The SONY IMX307 STARVIS sensors, the superior lens modules with F/1.8 large aperture, and the built-in 4 IR lights, ensure a better image quality with lower noise and more natural details in low-light condition
    • WDR Wide Dynamic Range Technology
      WDR improves the overall exposure to create a well-balanced image, with greater details in dark and the highlights that do not get blown-out
    • Auto On/Off
      The dash cam will automatically turn on and begin to record as you start the car, and it will save the file and power off in 10s after you shut off the car
    • Holds Up to 10-Hour Videos
      The dash cam holds up to 10-hour videos as it supports up to 128GB Class 10 microSD card and it utilizes advanced compression technology. Note: 10-hour videos are recorded with dual 1080P@30fps default setting
  • Key Features

    Dual Camera / Built-in G-Sensor / Emergency Lock / Loop Recording / Screen Saver / Time Display / Fatigue Driving Reminder / Night Vision / Parking Monitor


    2K, 30fps / 1080P, 60fps


    32GB SD Card Included

    In the Box

    1 x AKASO Dash Cam Trace 1 Pro / 1 x Car Charger with Power Cable (GPS Module Included) / 1 x Mini USB Cable / 1 x Suction Bracket / 1 x Kingston 32GB microSD Card / 1 x Crowbar / 5 x Cable Clips / 1 x Quick Start Guide

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    • Q: What is the GPS electrostatic sticker used for?
      The GPS electrostatic sticker is for the external GPS module on the cable of car charger. Before attaching the GPS module, please put the GPS electrostatic sticker on the windshield, then attach the GPS module on the stick, so that you can take the GPS module off easily in the future from the sticker or take off the sticker together with the GPS module easily.
    • Q: How many items are in the package?
      1pc AKASO Trace1 Pro car dash camera, 1pc mount bracket, 1pc 32GB card, 1pc car charger with GPS module, 1pc USB cable, 2pcs GPS electrostatic stickers, 1pc crowbar, 5pcs cable clips and a quick guide manual. 
    • Q: Does the interior camera capture any back window vehicles?
      Sorry, it doesn’t.
    • Q: Can this dash cam record front and rear views at the same time?
      Yes, of course.
    • Q: What's the frames per second on it?
      2K30fps or 1080p60fps for a single front camera, for front and interior camera it is 1080p30fps. 
    • Q: Can you turn off the interior camera?
      Yes, you can set in the settings. 
    • Q: What app is recommended for this dash cam?
      It’s "AKASO Car", you can download on Google play or Apple store. 
    • Q: How many options for fatigue driving reminder?
      There are 4 options: off, 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours.
    • Q: What micro SD cards are recommended?
      Please use class 10 or above micro SD cards. Please get the real card which supports max 128GB. Don’t forget to format the card on the dash camera before using.
    • Q: Does this loop over old videos or do you have to manually delete the videos?
      Yes, turn on the loop recording function, it automatically overwrites the oldest videos when the card is full.
    • Q: Does the GPS location show on the screen and in the video ?
      Regarding the location or other GPS data, you need firstly download the videos on phone app/computer from the card, then play via phone app or AKASO player on computer, then you will get these GPS data. 
    • Q: The picture of the rear camera is colored or black and white?
      It’s black and white. 
    • Q: Can I turn off the inside camera?
      Yes, you can.
    • Q: Does it still work without TF card?
      Yes, it does.
    • Q: Can the rear camera record audio inside of the car?
      Yes, the rear camera can record audio inside of the car.
    • Q: What are the changes associated with the most recent firmware update?
      It mainly optimize the Wi-Fi and GPS function, and make them more stable.
    • Q: I do not have an available cigarette lighter power source, is there a longer USB cord available that will work?
      The car charger with this dash cam has an extra USB port. If you plug the car charger into the car's cigarette lighter, you can also use another device at the same time.  For USB cable, it is only for reading the card of dash camera on computer, we do not suggest you to use it as a power cable to this dash camera.
    • Q: What is the difference between Trace 1 Pro and Trace 1?
      race 1 Pro has GPS, Wi-Fi, and comes with 32GB card while Trace 1 doesn’t have. And the resolution of the front camera of Trace 1 Pro can be up to 2K30.
    • Q: When I’m driving, how to save a recording I want to keep for later?
      The recording will save to the card automatically. If you want the recording won't be overwritten in the future, you can manually lock the current recording. When the card is full, it can not be overwritten.
    • Q: What if my order exceeds the return period?
      Dear customer, you don’t have to worry about it. If your order exceeds the return period, please send an email with your Amazon ID and order number to us, we will try our best to help you. AKASO service team email: cs@akasotech.com
    • User Manual
      User Manual
    • Recommended SD Card

      SanDisk Extreme PRO at Class 10 Speed.

      SAMSUNG EVO Plus at Class 10 Speed.

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