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What are the Pros and Cons of GoPro Action Cameras?
2020-08-26 18:26:35

GoPro action cameras are tiny and easily fit in your pocket. For that reason, these cameras are incredibly popular among travelers. You can easily fit these accessories into your luggage without exceeding carry-on limits.

While these handy cameras offer a multitude of benefits, they also have a few drawbacks. Let's uncover some of the pros and cons of GoPro cameras.


- Wide-Angle

Such cameras feature a unique ultra-wide-angle fisheye look. However, you can modify the settings to get a narrower perspective. The wide-angle guarantees an immersive look that offers wonderful results for 'action shots.' For instance, if you want to shoot inside a cathedral or during an Antarctic expedition, this angle is the way to go.

- Point and Shoot

While the automatic settings don't always work for covering every situation, they come in handy for different types of settings. Whether you want to take shots of your workplace or shoot memorable moments, the automatic settings come in handy. And the new night modes help shoot in low lights or at night.

- Compact and Portable

Since GoPro cameras are small in size, they are compact enough to fit easily into your luggage. Whether you are an avid photographer or a traveling enthusiast, you can take your GoPro camera with you no matter where you go.


- Battery Life

In an ideal condition, you might be lucky enough to enjoy a few hours of use. Even with conservative shooting, you won't be able to use the camera for longer hours. It would help if you had some serious planning to shoot with a GoPro camera while traveling. Suppose you are looking for the best action camera alternative to GoPro for enjoying a better battery performance. In that case, the AKASO V50 Elite comes with spare batteries for you to take more pictures.

- No Zoom

Since the camera comes with a fixed lens, it does not have any zooming capabilities. While the narrower field of view offers digital zoom, it does not make up for optical zoom.

- Responsiveness

Most GoPro cameras lack the responsiveness that you get with other hi-tech action cameras. Regardless of the video conditions, you are shooting under; you may find the camera somewhat sluggish in certain conditions. Another annoying thing is that whenever you turn off the camera to save battery life, it takes longer to turn on. You can opt for the AKASO Brave 7 LE with an efficient interface to buy the best GoPro alternative for better responsiveness.

- Controls

Modern GoPro cameras come with some good controls. But, access to these features such as exposure meter type, exposure compensation, ISO setting, and shutter speed compared to most cameras. In some cases, you may need a better camera to shoot moving subjects.

- Color Balance

While GoPro cameras offer great results when it comes to brightly lit outdoor shots, however, in other scenes, the color balance may not go well, especially underwater. When you want crisp and clear results for shooting marine life, the best GoPro alternative underwater is the AKASO V50 Pro. You are sure to get professional results with this amazing camera.

Final Thoughts        

A GoPro camera offers a decent set of features but lacks a little when it comes to usability and battery life. If you are looking for a hi-tech action camera that comes with all the bows and whistles, explore a fabulous range of AKASO action cameras to shoot memorable moments.

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