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What is the Best Action Camera With no Fish Eye Effect


The market is filled with digital cameras of all shapes and sizes. Different sensors and different technologies flood the counters making it a mouth-watering prospect for someone looking to buy one of those cameras. 

You can choose any of these cameras and make bright, sharp photos of your favorite destination, person, or subject. At will. 

But when it comes to choosing a camera that you can literally take with you anywhere you go, none of these cameras will fit the requirements. Unless, of course, that camera is an action shot camera.


What Are Action Cameras?

Action Cameras use Ultra-wide angle lenses to soak in as much of the scene as possible in one frame. That allows these cameras to produce stunning footages and stills of any action scene. However, that causes unintentional distortions.

You may have seen action camera footages appear ‘rounded’ towards the edges of the frame. This becomes more prominent as the lens gets wider. This is known as Fish-Eye Effect. A majority of action cameras have this problem. 

To counter this effect many manufacturers allow a slightly cropped version of the frame to be recorded. When the peripheral areas of the frame are cropped out, with it any distortions are also cropped out.

This is done usually by using software inside the camera.


Introducing AKASO

AKASO is a market leader in high quality, powerful 4K+ action cameras. Some of the top models that we make include the AKASO V50 Elite, the AKASO V50 Pro, and the AKASO Brave 7 LE.

Many of these models are industry leaders because of the array of features that are loaded on to them including waterproofing (up to 40 meters with case), voice control, and wireless remote control operation. Some of these features keep our action cameras ahead of the competition.


Special Features – Dual Display

Very few of the current crop of action cameras that are available are equipped with dual-display. Yet, dual-display is extremely convenient in a multitude of situations. Such as when you are shooting vlogs or trying that perfect selfie while jumping off a plane or scuba diving 40 meters underwater. 

The AKASO Brave 7 LE is an action shot camera that offers this functionality. 


Intuitive Touchscreen

An intuitive touch screen with the right balance between responsiveness and resistive-ness is the ideal option for an action camera. No one likes to change settings unintentionally. The worst possible thing could be in the middle of a shot. A quick review of the leading models and an action camera comparison between them will reveal that AKASO understands this and has kept this in mind when implementing their touchscreens.


Suppressed Fish-eye Effect

Additionally, for a sharper image action camera models by AKASO employ a lens angle technology. The benefit of this is that you can choose to not use the wide-angle view and instead use the narrow-angle view. It completely nullifies the weird fish-eye effect of the otherwise wide-angle view.


Built-in Communication Features

Additionally, many of our action cameras have built-in Wi-Fi and HDMI port. The benefit of built-in Wi-Fi is that you can remotely share your images and videos on social media and to your friends and family. The advantage of built-in HDMI is you can plug in your camera to your TV or a monitor and enjoy the images and videos shot on a large screen.

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