AKASO V50 Pro SE Action Camera
AKASO V50 Pro SE Action Camera
AKASO V50 Pro SE Action Camera
AKASO V50 Pro SE Action Camera
AKASO V50 Pro SE Action Camera
AKASO V50 Pro SE Action Camera
AKASO V50 Pro SE Action Camera
AKASO V50 Pro SE Action Camera

AKASO V50 Pro SE Action Camera

Touch Screen 4K60 Waterproof Camera Features EIS and Wi-Fi, Remote Control Sports Camera with 3 Batteries, Wrist Strap and Accessory Kit

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  • SPECIAL EDITION OF AKASO V50 PRO: AKASO partnership with the Leave No Trace/Access Fund and launch a special edition of V50 Pro 4K action camera. A portion from every special edition camera sale will go directly to support the Leave No Trace/Access Fund.
  • SUPERB IMAGE QUALITY: Records 4K/60fps, 4K/30fps, 2.7K/30fps, 1080P/120fps, 1080P/60fps, 720P/240fps video and 20MP image, you can capture high-quality full HD footages.
  • ELECTRONIC IMAGE STABILIZATION: Built-in Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) with 6-axis gyroscope detects position and motion changes. When the camera tilts, moves, shakes or experiences impact, this action camera can still produce stable videos.
  • OPTIONAL VIEW ANGLE: You can adjust the view angle of this action camera according to your needs between Super Wide, Wide, Medium and Narrow. This action camera also has the distortion calibration feature, which offers image distortion improvements.
  • FREE VALUABLE ACCESSORIES: The standard version comes with 2 batteries; AF and LNT version comes with 3 batteries, chargers and remote control wristband and lots of accessories kits. The kits fit most cameras even Gopro.
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Advanced Electronic Image Stabilization/ Support External Microphone/ Diving Mode/ Distortion Calibration/ H.265 Video Codec/ Built-in Filter/ Burst Photo/ Time Lapse Photo/ Time Lapse Video/ Slow Motion Movie/ Fast Motion Movie/ Wind Noise Reduction/ Scene Mode/ White Balance/ Sound Record/ Micro HDMI/ Mini USB

Warm Tip: Samsung 64GB 100MB/s (U3) MicroSDXC EVO Select Micro SD Card is Highly Recommended for V50 Pro Native 4K Action Camera (Micro SD card is not included). Please format the card (not included) in the camera before using this action camera.

Note: The working temperature for this action camera is 23 °F/-5°C to 113 °F/45°C.

What's in the Box:

1x AKASO V50 Pro SE Action Camera/ 3x 1100mAh Battery/ 1x Battery Charger/ 1x Waterproof Case/ 1x Remote Control / 1x Bicycle Stand/ 10x Mount/ 2x Helmet Mount/ 1x Bandages/ 5x Tethers/ 1 x Protective Backdoor/ 1x USB Cable/ 1x Lens Cloth/ 1x Quick Reference Guide

Impressive Video Quality

Impressive Video Quality

AKASO V50 Pro action camera features 4K at 60 frames per second. Record fast-moving action in clear and crisp quality.

Intuitive Touch Screen UI

Intuitive Touch Screen UI

Built-in 2 inch high responsive touch screen with IPS display makes control of this tiny but powerful action camera super easy. Setting, previewing and shooting is easier than before.

Keep Your Footage Stable

Keep Your Footage Stable

Built-in Advanced Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) delivers steady and smooth videos in up to 4K/30fps resolution, AKASO V50 Pro SE sports camera ensures excellent experience in shooting fast-moving objects.

Support External Microphone

Support External Microphone

This action camera supports external microphone which captures sound from all directions with crisp details. External microphone is not included.

8x Slow Motion Video

8x Slow Motion Video

With ultra high frame rate 720P240FPS video, you can slow things down by up to 8x to relive funny, interesting or epic moments in all their glory.

Capture Stunning View Underwater

Capture Stunning View Underwater

With durable waterproof case you can dive up to 130ft in depth. Turn on the Diving Mode, it can compensate for the lack of red light under water. You don't need to purchase a red filter any more for this underwater camera.

Wireless APP Control

Wireless APP Control

Stay connected with built-in 2.4Ghz WiFi. Your AKASO V50 Pro SE action camera can seamlessly connect to your smart phone, giving you the opportunity to share your pictures and videos directly to social media.

Wireless Remote Control

Wireless Remote Control

Put the remote control on your wrist and acquire ultra-convenient control for hiking, biking, skiing, bungee and more while installing the action camera on your helmet. Wireless range up to 10m(33ft). Remote is not waterproof.

Q: What App do you recommend for this V50 Pro SE action camera?

A: iSmart Pro+ / AKASO DV / iSmart DV

Q: How to connect this camera to my phone via Wi-Fi?

A: Please click here to learn how to connect V50 Pro SE to Phone & App via Wi-Fi.

And please click here to learn how to playback & download videos to your phone.

Before you connect this camera to your phone, please make sure your phone doesn’t connect to any other Wi-Fi. The camera Wi-Fi will compete between other Wi-Fi signals.

If the steps above don't work, delete the Wi-Fi and reset the camera (Go to “Setting” → “General” → ”System” → ”Factory Reset”) and re-install the App, then try again. Also please try to connect the camera to another phone.

If it still doesn’t work, please send your camera version number (Go to “Setup” → “General” → ”System” → ”System Info”) to We will help you to solve this problem.

Q: How to connect the action camera to the remote?

A: 1) Turn on the camera;

2) Go to “Setup” → “General” → “RF” → “ON”

3) Press the “Power” button of the remote for 3s to turn on. The blue light goes on.

4) Choose “Photo” or “Video” mode on the remote.

5) Press the “Power” button of the remote for 3s to turn off. Meanwhile the “RF” is off automatically.

And you can click here ro learn how to connect the camera to the remote.

If it doesn't work, please try a new battery (CR2032) for the rmote and chekc the color of the indicator light. Also try to connect the remote to the camera without the waterproof case on.

If all the steps above don't work, please send the camera version number (Go to “Setup” → “General” → ”System” → ”System Info”) to We will help you to solve the problem.

Q: Where can I check the version number?

A: Go to “Setup” → “General” → ”System” → ”System Info”.

Q: What’s the type of the remote batteries?

A: It’s CR2032.

Q: How to reset my action camera?

A: Go to “Setting” → “General” → ”System” → ”Factory Reset” → "Yes”.

Q: Does it support external mic?

A: Yes, it does. 

Q: Does it have left and right channels?

A: Yes, it does. The external mic is for the left speaker and internal mic is for the right speaker.

Q: Does it support loop recording?

A: Yes, it does. It’s called Video File Length.

Q: My PC can’t recognize the action camera when I connect it to my PC.

A: 1) Please set the camera in PC Camera mode. Go to “Setup”→ “General”→ ”USB” → ”PC Camera”.

2) Connect the camera to your PC via mini USB cable. Then the camera shows "Connecting". Now it is used as a PC camera.

3) You can choose AKASO action camera as your PC webcam if you have lots of PC webcams on Skype client .

Q: When I record a video, it doesn’t run smoothly and sometimes it freezes; when I playback it’s frozen and shows “low card speed”.

A: 1) Did you format the card before use? Please format the card in the computer firstly and format in the camera again. Please try several times and reset the camera to try again.

2) Do you have another card to try? Please avoid any card that doesn't advertise its WRITE speed anywhere. Sellers always advertise its “transfer read speed” instead of its “WRITE speed”. You click here to learn more details.

For V50 Pro SE, you have to use the 64GB U3 card whose WRITE speed is up to 60mb/s.

Q: Does it work in low light?

A: Yes, but the 2.7K and 4K can’t work with “auto low light”.

Q: Can "Image Stabilization" work with "Slow Motion Movie" and "Distortion Calibration"?

A: No, "Image Stabilization" can't work with 4K 60FPS, 1080P 120FPS, 720P 240FPS, 720P 120FPS, "Slow Motion Movie" and "Distortion Calibration".

"Video File Length" can't work with "4K 60FPS".

"Codec" can't work with "4K 60FPS".

Q: Hi, can I use this action camera to stream live on Facebook?

A: You can not use this action camera to live stream on Facebook. But you can use this action camera as a webcam, then you can live stream on Facebook. 

Q: How do you use it as a webcam so that I can live stream on Facebook?

A: Please enter Camera Setting -- USB to select 'PC camera' and connect this action camera with your computer. Then you can use it as a webcam so that you can live stream on Facebook. 

Q: Does the action camera have an underwater/diving mode that filters red light like the Brave 4?

A: Yes, it does.

Q: Can I use a 128GB SD card with this camera?

A: High Class 10 Micro SD Card up to 64GB is highly recommended for V50 Pro SE  action camera. But some customers say that they can use a 128GB SD card, with this sports camera. 

Q: How to fix low speed card?

A: Please format the card in the camera before using or try Samsung 64GB 100MB/s (U3) MicroSDXC EVO Select Memory Card. 

Q: LDC is grayed out with all angle settings. How do I turn on LDC?

A: If you want to turn on LDC/ Distortion Calibration, please turn off image stabilization (EIS) first. 

Q: What specific cable do I need to connect my V50 Pro SE to my PC so I can transfer files?

A: You need a USB cable to connect your V50 Pro SE to your PC. A USB cable is included. 

Q: Does this camera come with a wrist strap?

A: No, this action camera does not come with a wrist strap. 

Q: Does the touch screen work inside the waterproof case? Or how can you control the cam underwater?

A: The touch screen does not work inside the waterproof case. You can control this action camera with buttons underwater. 

Q: Does the V50 Pro SE support motion detection?

A: No, the V50 Pro SE does not support motion detection. AKASO Brave 4 action camera supports motion detection. 

Q: Why can't I play videos on my computer?

A: Please download PotPlayer to play videos on your computer. 

Q: Will this camera give you a native 4k/30 fps live feed through the HDMI port? Also can it be powered through USB port while outputting live video?

A: The action camera lets you playback photos and video through the HDMI port only. 

Q: How long is the battery life?

A: About 90 minutes. 

Q: What if my order exceeds the return period?

A: Dear customer, you don’t have to worry about it. If your order exceeds the return period, please send an email with your Amazon ID and order number to, we will try our best to help you. 

Video Resolutions
4K60FPS/4K30FPS/2.7K30FPS/1080p120FPS/1080p60FPS 1080p30FPS/720p240FPS/720p120FPS/720p60FPS
Image Format
Photo Resolutions
Video Format
MOV (H.264/AVC), MOV (H.265/HVEC)
FOV (Field of View)
4 optional angle up to 170°
Inner Six-Axis Gyroscope
Battery Duration (Approx.)
90 minutes
English / Chinese / Japanese/German / Italian/Spanish /French / 简体中文/繁体中文
Storage Supported
32GB microSD
External mic supported
Main Screen
2-inch touchscreen
Mac, iPhone & Android

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