AKASO Smart Lock
AKASO Smart Lock
AKASO Smart Lock
AKASO Smart Lock
AKASO Smart Lock
AKASO Smart Lock
AKASO Smart Lock
AKASO Smart Lock

AKASO Smart Lock

Smart Electronic Door Lock APP Code Touch Screen Keypad Deadbolt Entrance Smart Electronic Digital Door Lock with Key Remote Keypad for Home Hotels Apartment

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  • AKASO smart lock is optimized for smartphones, but also supports password, making it effortless to lock and unlock your door. It is great for children and others who doesn't carry smart phone; making it a perfect alternative for times when you don't want to take your phone, like morning run. The door Lock comes with two traditional keys as backups in case you ever need. Easy Install replaces existing knobs and no wiring or drilling required, in about 10 minutes, you are good to go.
  • Password and emergency unlocking. AKASO door lock is the perfect commercial lock for businesses that need access for multiple people. It comes with a deadbolt, good for exterior door or interior door. You can give temporary codes to guests, visitors, housekeepers or employees -- perfect for working place, hotel, school, and apartment. No need to worry about getting keys back from guests or renters.
  • Real time monitoring and protecting: You will always know who comes and goes, all records of opening will be sent to the admin smart phone. When you enter an incorrect password 5 times, the lock will be automatically locked for 5 minute until press correct password.
  • Security with Automatic Locking: The automatic lock eliminates the need for users to manually lock when going out. Particularly, this feature helps give parent's with young children peace of mind if children accidentally go out unattended and to prevent intruders from using alternative door openings such as pet doors to break in.
  • Battery Dead Alarm and Emergency power supply: If the batteries are running low, the door lock informs you through a specific melody or keypad LED. You can easily replace the batteries without having to check the battery life. If you fail to replace the batteries before they are fully discharged, you can open the door with a 9V battery on the instant battery charging terminal.

Various Passcode

Set a code access to a guest for a few hours, a week or even for specific times of the day.

Instant Invites

AKASO smart lock is the perfect lock that need access for multiple people. Simple send authorized codes to guests, visitors, housekeepers or employees.

Touch Screen Lighting Keypad

Blue Light Button Makes You See Keypad Even in Dark Place We apply white light to 10 keys for your convenience.

You can easily find and use the white light buttons even in dark place.

Total Control

With a lot of independent user codes and the ability to quickly add or delete each user individually, this lock help the homeowner easy to manage and control access for different groups of people such as tenant, guests and house keepers.

Intrusion Alarm

It sounds very loud alarm when detecting the door is unlocked by an attempt to open the locked door through gaps or other abnormal methods.

Additional Function

Answer phone calls with a single click, free your hands from busy things and without ears painless.

If you press the dead lock button, people won't be able to get in even they input the correct code from outside.

If you want to quit, just turn the knob once, people from outside will be able to get in with code again.

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