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A1 Snorkel Mask
A1 Snorkel Mask
  • NATURAL BREATHING - With the Innovative nose breathing system the AKASO snorkel mask provides an effortless breathing experience. Non-mouthpiece, its wide and short tube lets insufficient oxygen for you to breathe in comfort while letting CO2 out.
  • NO-LEAK COMFORT - The snorkel mask only touches the middle of your face so it can easily fit most face shapes. Its anti-leak high sealing liquid silicone skirt and adjustable silicone straps keep water out and your face dry.
  • CLEAR WIDE VIEW – The AKASO snorkeling mask has an oversized frameless design for a panoramic view. HD lenses and separate breath chambers offer a crystal clear view underwater minus the fog and blur.
  • VERSATILE – This snorkel mask has all the features of a full-face snorkel mask and it also works as a scuba mask. Simply remove the breathing tube and seal it with the plug. It is great for first-timers, adults, children, and even non-swimmers.
  • DRY TOP SYSTEM - The AKASO adult snorkel mask comes with a floating ball to keep water out when underwater. Its angled side allows optimal facedown positioning without the tube dipping into the water as the head swivels. The valve keeps water out even when a wave hits.


  • Deep Blue
  • Light Blue
  • Green
  • Black
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