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K1 Inflatable Kiddie Pool
K1 Inflatable Kiddie Pool for Toddlers
  • Upgraded, High-Quality Material: AKASO Kiddie Swimming Pool is made of high-quality, environmentally friendly, BPA-free, durable, non-toxic (CPSIA, CPC and ASTM certificates) PVC material that meets the international standards of children’s toys. This tough, durable 0.28mm PVC material greatly reduces the risk of punctures and ensures a longer product life.
  • Soft Inflatable Floor: Our swimming pool has a bubble bottom design that provides an air cushion between you and the hard surface beneath the pool. This comfortable floor is non-slip and wear resistant. It provides good shock absorption and a comfortable, safe surface for toddlers to walk on. Parents love the design of this inflatable pool for children.
  • Unique Compartmentalized Design: This kids’ inflatable pool has 3 independent air rings, each with double-layer valves to prevent air leakage. It’s a structurally stable pool that can reliably withstand extra weight.
  • User-friendly Size for Kids: Our high-quality, inflatable, outdoor, deluxe family pool is 59*13inches. It can hold up to 76 gallons of water with room enough for 3 - 4 kids to play in. It’s an ideal choice for helping young learners and swimmers to become independent in the water.
  • Multipurpose Swimming Pool: This inflatable pool is not only for kids and toddlers to swim in, it can also be used as a ball pit or a sandbox for children. You can also use it as a house for your dog, cat, or other small pets. The swimming pool can be used outdoors, indoors, in the house, on a balcony, at the beach, lakeside, etc.
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  • AKASO KIDDIE POOL - Give your kids a fun summer
    Water Capacity: 287L/76Gal
    For Age: 3+
    Thickness: 50% thicker than others
    Chambers: Three
    • Manual Trimming
      Using the manual trimming process, every stitched part is smoothed to leave no sharp edges, in order to avoid scratching the baby's skin.
    • Wide Side Wall
      Inflated, the width of the side wall is 15cm, which can bear a relatively large weight, allowing your child to lean against the inner wall comfortably without collapsing the wall.
    • Leakproof, Double-Layer Air Valve Design
      Our swimming pool is equipped with 3 independent air chambers, and each one is equipped with a leakproof, double-layer inflation valve to effectively prevent air leakage. Single-layer air leakage will not affect pool use.
    • Step 1:
      There are 3 leakproof, double-layer air valves; each inflatable ring has one valve. Make sure the air valves are facing out. Inflate the rings with an electric air pump beginning with the bottom layer (green) up to the top layer (blue).
    • Step 2:
      Before filling the pool with water, ensure that the drain valve (at the bottom) is tightly closed. When you are ready to fill the pool, please fill it slowly, and do not fill it above the middle ring to avoid water overflow. Check to see whether the water is level. When filling the pool, do not lean over or squeeze the inflation or deflation valves to avoid injury or water overflow.
    • Step 3:
      Remove the cap from the drain valve on the bottom of the pool. Avoid draining the water directly onto leaves or watering the same area repeatedly. When the water stops draining, start lifting the pool from the side opposite the drain, so that any remaining water flows to the drain, emptying the pool completely. Finally, release air from the 3 inflation rings and the bottom of the pool.
    • Step 4:
      Before storage, please be sure that all parts of the pool are completely dry. Air dry the liner in the sun until it’s completely dry before folding. You can sprinkle some talcum powder on the pool to prevent the vinyl from sticking together and to absorb residual moisture.
    1. When pumping air into the pool, 80%-90% inflation is enough; do not overinflate.
    2. The dimensions of the inflated pool may be slightly different than the measurements provided due to the characteristics of the pool material, the degree of inflation, the temperature, and so on.
    3. Be sure to place the pool on a surface that is level, stable, and free of sharp objects before filling.
    How to Use the Repair Patch?
    The AKASO Kiddie Pool K1 provides 4 patches to repair holes. If you find a small hole, first clean the area around it. Then cut a piece of repair patch and apply it onto the desired area. Finally, apply pressure to remove any bubbles
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