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Running Socks with Silver Fiber
Running Socks with Silver Fiber
  • Odor-free Running Socks: Compared to regular running socks, we adopt the X-Sliver technology to provide lasting odor-free performance with sliver ion encapsulated in fabric. Our low-cut socks effectively help keep your feet clean and dry all day without any smell. No need to worry about stinky feet after a hard workout.
  • Breathable & Dry: The ventilation mesh design on both instep and foot sole helps quickly wick away moisture and reduce odor. Unlike other bulky running socks, these socks are so ultralight and breathable that can prevent your feet sweat when running, walking, or hiking.
  • Super Comfortable: The left/right-specific socks design provides an enhanced fit. The seamless toe delivers superior comfort and reduces irritation that solves the common blister problem. Besides, the athletic socks give loads of support at the heel and arch of the feet, lightly hug your feet, and stay in place well.
  • Non-Slip Socks: No-show running socks are designed with a high elastic sock top, offer you firm but comfortable compression. No more worry about socks shifting out of place around your feet even when you are attending extended training and endurance events.
  • Great for outdoor lovers: our running socks for men and women keep your feet supported, dry, and blister-free, they are ideal for daily use or any outdoor activities like trail runs, weight training, workout, regular walks, hiking, cycling, playing golf.


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