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Anti-Blister Cushioned Crew Socks
Anti-Blister Cushioned Crew Socks
  • 50.5% COOLMAX, 15.9% Polyester, 14.3% Nylon, 12.1% cotton, 7.2%LYCRA
  • Moisture management: AKASO running socks are made with DuPont CoolMax fiber. Great moisture management and comfort allow socks to breathe and dry rapidly. The addition of instep vents keeps your feet fresh and builds a moisture absorption and transfer system.
  • High elastic and durable: The socks are made of highly elastic Lycra fibers, which provide outstanding support and a perfect fit every time. They are ideal for daily work, running, cycling, playing basketball, football, and other sports and activities.
  • Midweight with Full Cushion: Thick cushions are placed in the toe, sole, and heel areas. They provide comfortable shock absorption that protects feet and helps you to perform better.
  • Seamless integrated molding: Imported Italian machines are used to stitch the toe seamlessly. This allows the sock to wrap your feet in comfort while reducing friction. The height of the sock and the double-layer design of the top prevent socks from slipping down and stretching out of shape.
  • Odor resistant and breathable: Processed with high-end Canada Ultra-Fresh KW-48 odor-resistant technology, keep your feet fresh.


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