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How Many Calories Does Paddle Boarding Burn?


Stand-up paddle surfing or SUP offers a fun and relaxing activity that mostly anyone can do, it is also one of the best exercises that exist. People of any weight, gender, and age are participating in paddleboarding as a leisure activity. As many people have heard, SUP is the best exercise for a full-body workout. SUP is a low-impact exercise that consists of a combination of balance, strength, and endurance whether you are paddling or simply balancing on the board. Not only is it a great overall workout, your toes, legs, back, but shoulders, arms, and neck all also work together. 

The Stand-up Paddle to have the line

Behind its playful side, Stand-Up Paddle is the new sport of the summer to have a shapely body in your jersey. Remaining upright while maintaining your balance sculpts the legs, from the ankles to the calves to the thighs. The quadriceps in particular will do most of the work.

In addition, the abdominal belt is constantly used to maintain balance. Nothing like having a flat stomach and solid abs. The abdominal strap works in concert with the lumbar belt, which makes SUP an effective method of back strength training. Finally, the shoulders and arms are muscled with each stroke of the paddle.

It is this sheathing effect that guarantees a slim and streamlined body. Muscle tissue is worked in depth and length.

Depending on the sea conditions, a SUP session can burn between 200 and 500 calories per hour: ideal for those who want to lose weight and sculpt their figure without looking like it. Plus, if the water is cold, you'll burn more calories to warm you up.

This sport is capable of having a low impact or a high impact on your training depending on the intensity and type of exercises that take place thanks to the combination of balance, resistance, core, and endurance. 

There are many ways to paddleboard such as Racing, Surfing, Yoga, Touring, or just relaxing, we are allowed this too sometimes! So how many calories are burned by doing these activities? Below is an estimate of the calories you can consume, as well as the benefit on your muscles. 

Calories burned in Paddle Surf calculator

There are many ways to measure the number of calories burned, but the formula we used was based on weight, age, heart rate, and the amount of time that you participated in the specific activity. Of course, the measure of calories a person will burn will depend on how aggressive they are in exercising, plus men typically burn more calories than women. Below are the most common categories and the respective estimates of calories burned to do Paddle Surf. 

Estimates are based on an average of three people of different sizes (74-90 kilos) and 1 hour of rowing.

How Many Calories Does Surfing SUP Burn?

One type of paddleboarding exercise is surf SUP. Surfers consider it the best cross-training you can do to improve your fitness. 

On average, you can burn 623-735 calories in an active one-hour surfing session. The bigger and rougher the waves, the harder you work (more calories burned and increased muscle growth)

How Many Calories Does Touring SUP Burn?

SUP Touring involves paddling long distances at a moderate pace without stopping in between.

On average, you can burn 615 to 708 calories in an hour.

Perfect paddling exercise for adventure seekers.

Very relaxing for going out on the water with friends and touring the flat water after a long day at the office and burning calories along the way. 

How Many Calories Does Racing SUP Burn?

It could be the most intense stand-up paddle exercise. There is no slowdown and the heart and cardiovascular rates are at full capacity. 

On average, you can burn 713 to 1,125 calories in an hour at high intensity. Perfect paddle board exercise for those who are competitive and love to go fast.

The number of calories burned can vary greatly depending on the intensity of the blow, the wind speed, and the water conditions. 

How Many Calories Does Yoga SUP Burn?

It can be calming and meditative, but also uplifting and an intense workout for the mind, body, and spirit. 

With an energetic yoga flow, you can burn anywhere between 416 and 540 calories in an hour, the wind and the constant movement of the water will add intensity to your practice. An excellent alternative to practicing yoga in a studio

Factors that Influence How Many Calories Burn on a SUP

Paddle surfing is a fun and healthy activity that anyone can learn. And if you push yourself, paddle boarding can be a killer workout. The casual recreational paddle tennis guest can burn 305-430 calories per hour. 

But these numbers are very general and a bit misleading. The amount of calories burned in paddle surfing depends on different factors such as age, gender, intensity, experience, and technique. 

The most important factors in getting a good workout and burning a lot of calories are your rowing experience and technique.

This is what they don't tell you ...

You can burn a lot of calories if you are experienced. If you're a newbie still trying to balance and don't know the correct technique, you won't burn as many calories and receive little fitness benefits. 

You should be comfortable on your board so you don't waste your effort trying to balance. If you want to maximize the calories burned and the fitness benefits of rowing, start working on your technique. Get some experience under your belt. You need practice time in the water.

You want to row with a powerful full-body shot that will hook your legs, back and core. Such a blow requires proper technique.

 All SUP calorie burned numbers on the internet assume a seasoned paddler getting comfortable on a paddle surfboard. 

Here are some estimates based on the average of three people who weigh between 65 and 80 kilos and use different types of rowing: 

Calories burned Paddle Surf 

Yoga SUP: 416 to 540

Touring SUP: 615 to 708

SUP surf: 623 to 735

Race SUP: 713 to 1.125


SUP is an absolute all-rounder in the fitness area. In addition to extensive cardiovascular training, your core is heavily used with every unit and every single paddle. Just staying on-board will initially be enough workout to create a decent full-body muscle hangover.

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