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What is Action Camera?

An action camera is a small, rugged, lightweight, mountable digital camera designed for action shots. Since 2014, action cameras are getting more and more popular as these small cameras enable people to take great videos and photos as they are immersing in sports, outdoor activities, traveling.
What is the best action camera?

To find the best action cameras, here are the factors you should look in for getting an brilliant action camera.
  • 4K video recording :
    High-quality action cameras can usually record 4K videos at 30fps or even 60fps.
  • Image stabilization :
    Since people often wear or carry action camera to take shots in motions, image stabilization is a must to reduce the impact of camera shake.
  • Waterproof :
    A good action camera can typically take videos underwater. Most action cameras are waterproof in case, while it now becomes a trend for high-end action cameras to be waterproof without casing.
  • Wi-Fi :
    Wi-Fi supported action cameras enable you to seamlessly transfer videos & photos from the camera to your smartphone for editing & sharing.
  • Time lapse :
    The best action camera provides time-lapse mode for you to take stunning, fast-moving videos at ease.
  • Slow motion :
    Slow-motion mode can be found in a good action camera to reproduce wonderful moments in slow speed.
How to use an action camera?

Action cameras are widely used in outdoor sports or underwater excursions, such as surfing, diving, skateboarding, snowboading, cycling, hiking, swimming, fishing. Here are some commons uses of an action camera.

1.Mount the action cam on a helmet or handlebar to take videos when riding a bike or motorcycle.

2.Wear an action camera on the chest to record beautiful views when traveling.

3.Vlogging with an action camera or use it as a webcam.

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