Brave 7 simultaneous charging and microphone

Car Cal Feb 26, 2023

Hello! I just purchased a Brave 7 from Amazon. I will be using this for vlogging on my motorcycle rides. I want to be able to charge the Brave 7 as well as use a microphone on my long non-stop rides. I will be recording in 1080P/60fps using a 128Gig micro SD card. I don’t want to stop just to change battery. Any suggestion on what options are available? Thanks in advance.

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lucin da
Aug 07, 2023

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Mustafa Kovacek
Jul 14, 2023

From mr mine Brave 7 is so good product which I know:

Capture up to 4K Video at 30 fps.

3x Zoom, 170° Field of View.

Up to 20MP Still Images.

6-Axis Electronic Stabilization.

16' Waterproof Depth, IPX8 Rating.

Time-Lapse, 4x Slow Motion.

Dual Color Displays.

1.8-Hour Battery Life.

Angela Pool
Jul 12, 2023

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May 31, 2023

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Jul 17, 2023
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