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What is Long-term Outdoor Partnership Program?
The Long-Term Outdoor Partner Program is a sincere invitation from AKASO to all outdoor sports enthusiasts.We are looking for High-Quality Content Creator to become our long-term outdoors partner. If you love the outdoors, enjoy documenting moments in the sport with our cameras, and are willing to share your experience, we are eager to have you join us as a creator of exciting content!
You can
Get free AKASO camera
You'll get free AKASO camera equipment to create high-quality content and showcase our products to your followers.
Amplify your reach
Expand your social media reach as AKASO supports your growth by sharing and featuring your content on our official accounts and promotional materials.
Obtain exclusive perks
Enjoy exclusive access to new products, campaigns, and special gifts as an AKASO Long-term Outdoor Partnership Program member.
We hope you are
Rich experience in any field
Experienced athletes, coaches, and enthusiasts who can provide detailed feedback on our products, helping us improve them to meet real-world needs.
Social media influencers
Active on social media platforms, able to share their experiences and promote our products to their followers, spreading the word about our brand.
Creative content creators
Passionate about photography and sharing, with a commitment to originality and legality in their content production, producing high-quality content that showcases our products and helps us reach a wider audience.
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