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Brave 8
AKASO Brave 8 4K60fps 48MP SuperSmooth Action Camera|8K Time-Lapse Action Camera
  • Each Brave 8 buyer will get the


    : Two pairs of running socks, a pair of cycling gloves and a beach towel.

    Please choose the size and color before adding them to the shopping cart.

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  • 4K60fps video and 48M photo
  • 10m/33ft waterproof without the case and up to 196ft (60m) with our waterproof case
  • 8K time-lapse video & 16x Slo-mo
  • SuperSmooth delivers gimbal-like steadiness
  • Dual color screens: 1.22" front screen + 2" touch screen
  • AI Face Metering
  • Handfree voice control (Supports English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese)
  • 1550mAh battery supports video recording in 4K for up to 90 minutes
Brave 7 : IPX8 Waterproof Action Camera

Size of Socks

  • S
  • M
  • L
  • XL

Color of Socks

  • White
  • Black
  • Lemon Yellow

Size of Gloves

  • S
  • M
  • L
  • XL

Color of Beach Towel

  • Sunflower
  • Lycorisradiata
  • Nymphaea
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Brave 8

4K60, 48M photo

10m/33ft waterproof without a case

Up to 196ft(60m) with case

8K time-lapse video, 16x Slo-mo

SuperSmooth Stabilization

AI Face Metering

Brave 7 LE

IPX7 Water-Eesistant Body

Dual Color Screens

4K/30FPS & 20MP

6-Axis EIS 2.0

131FT/40M Waterproof with Case

Brave 7

Dual Color Screens

IPX8 Waterproof Body

4K30, 20MP

Six-axis EIS 2.0

Voice Control

Smart Remote Control with Screen

You may also want to know...
  • Q: Do the Brave 7 accessories work on Brave 8?
    Yes. But you need to use either a complete set of Brave 7 accessories or a complete set of Brave 8 accessories. You can’t mix Brave 7 and Brave 8 accessories because of the different bolt connections.
  • Q: Can Brave 8 be submerged in salt water? Can it be used for underwater photography in the ocean?
    Yes. Brave 8 is waterproof to 33ft without the case and to 196ft with the case.
  • Q: How long can Brave 8 record videos?
    Each battery can record 90 minutes or longer with 4K.
  • Q: Does Brave 8 have an upside-down function/auto rotate?
    Yes. Brave 8 has a G-sensor. After enablement, it will rotate and pull down automatically. Go to preferences→gyroscope.
  • Q: What's the maximum micro-SD card size compatible with this camera?
    The maximum storage is 512GB. It requires a U3 micro-SD card or higher, otherwise, the low card speed will affect normal use.
  • Q: Does the Brave 8 come with a waterproof case?
    A waterproof case is not included and sold separately.
  • Q: Is this action camera screen touchable?
    The rear screen is a 2-inch touchable color screen and the front screen is 1.22-inch color screen.
  • Q: The camera gets very hot.
    Getting hot is normal. The heat mainly comes from lens cover and grid. Please do not touch these two places. Also, you can use Brave 8 with a selfie stick (sold separately) to avoiding touching it.
  • Q: The wind noise is too loud when recording.
    Brave 8 has an upgraded voice system with stereo and human voice enhanced. It is recommended to enable human voice enhanced when recording a vlog. Swipe up→video setting→HM (human voice mode). Also, you can purchase an AKASO B8 sponge wind cover (launch date is pending) to use as a set.
  • Q: Why is the camera locked?
    There are 3 chances to skip to pair. It will remind you to activate in APP but you can click “skip” to ignore. (Note: please activate within 3 times skipping; otherwise, the camera will lock). If the camera is locked, please download the AKASO app and pair.
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