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What are the memory card requirements for this camera?
To use the camera to take photos and videos, your first need to insert a micro SD card. Please use brand name memory cards that meet these requirements:<br/> • U3 rating<br/> • Capacity up to 64GB, The bigger memory may have an effect on the compatibility with the camera. Note:<br/> 1. Please format the microSD card first in this camera before using it. To keep your microSD card in good condition, reformat it on a regular basis. Reformatting erases all of your content, so be sure to offload your photos and videos first.<br/> 2. FAT32 format microSD card stops recording when the storage of each file is over 4GB and starts to record again on a new file.
How to format the SD card in the camera?
How do I connect the Brave 7 LE WiFi to the smartphone?
How to find the firmware version of Brave 7 LE?
Why can't I select certain features?
How to turn off the screen quickly for the Brave 7 LE?
How to switch the front/rear screen for the Brave 7 LE?

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