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2021 Action Camera Reviews & Recommendations


The growth in technology has seen the production of a much better action camera that comes with incredible features. The cameras are primarily small, lightweight, portable, and some are waterproof. So you can comfortably use them when in water. 

You can also mount these cameras on anything, which improves their ability to capture high-quality footage.

Some of the most renowned action cameras are the 'Pro' models, but other better ones also do great work. This article provides an outline and review of some of the best action cameras in 2021. Read on!

Best Cost Effective Action Cameras

If you want a good action camera, you need not burn your pockets by purchasing an expensive one. You can still get even a better one at a very reasonable price. 

Here are some cost-effective action cameras that you can purchase.


1. AKASO Brave 7

AKASO Brave 7 action camera

This camera comes with very excellent features therefore worth every coin you spend on it. You can tell that a camera is perfect depending on how well it takes pictures. 

Thus, you can be sure that AKASO Brave 7 will not disappoint you when it comes to taking high-quality photos.

It features 4k30fps, 20MP photos, and a video resolution of 2.7K30FPS. These features also enable it to come up with ultra HD videos that are super clear and will record all the beauty you want it to capture.

The camera's body is fully waterproof, so you won't worry when using it underwater. You may not need to have a case when going as deep as 33 feet for about 30 minutes. 

Its IPX8 water-resistant body makes it suitable for use in any weather. Moreover, its various video and photo shooting effects will give you just what you want from a video or a photo.

It comes with a visual remote control that has a built-in LCD screen. This feature will help you to know whether the camera is recording a video or not. 

It also features a dual color screen enabling you to adjust the framing and monitoring views whether you want it from the back or the front. You can use the font screen when taking selfies and the back screen when recording something, and it is pretty easy to use it.

Another great feature is the compartment doors for the microSD and the battery. They are pretty easy to open and are water-tight. Also, you can quickly grasp and press the side and power buttons. 

It retails for about $159.99. Thus, this camera is worth the purchase, and you get to enjoy these and many more features.

2. AKASO V50 Pro

AKASO V50 Pro action camera

This camera is also budget-friendly and has everything from the basics to more complex features that you may want from your action camera. The initial launching of this camera was in 2019, and it has ever since seen its upgrading to a better version. 

The current version features 20MP sensor resolution, which significantly improves the former 12MP resolution. Hence, it performs better.

The camera weighs about 64g and measures 60 by 41 by 32 mm, so you can efficiently operate it from anywhere and carry it around. The lens is about 170 degrees, and it also features a tactile silicone chassis that does not collect fingerprints.

It has a wide 2-inch touch screen which you need to tap and select the capture mode you will use to record your videos and shoot photos. 

The camera also comes with an inbuilt advanced electronic image stabilization. That enables it to produce outstanding video records of up to 4K/30fps which are pretty high quality. Besides, you can still create great videos even when recording fast-moving objects.

The durable waterproof case allows you to use the camera up to 30 meters in depth. Moreover, you can select the driving mode option on the screen to filter the red light underwater. Thus, you need not have to buy an extra red filter when using it.

There is a 1/4-inch tripod thread at the bottom which comes in handy when taking photos. Also, there is a mini USB slot in it which helps to recharge the 1100mAh battery. On one side, there is a mini HDMI that allows sending videos to the microSD or TV.

3. AKASO EK7000 Pro

AKASO EK7000 Pro

This camera is very different from most action cameras available due to its shockproof feature. It is also waterproof therefore works well in almost all positions. It also has a 2-inch touch screen with an IPS display to control the camera quickly.

The screen helps display high-quality images and videos, and you can also easily set, preview, and shoot videos. It has excellent electronic image stabilization that enables the camcorder to deliver smooth and steady videos. The camera can create stable full HD videos at 1080p/60fps and 1080p/30fps.

It features a video quality of ultra HD 4K 25fps and has the option of 2.7K 30fps while the photo quality is usually 16MP. It also comes with a built-in Wi-Fi that allows you to control it remotely. You can use the Akaso app to connect, control, and download content to an external device.

Sony Action Camera Review (Sony FDR X3000)

Sony FDR X3000 action camera

If you want a simple camera that can shoot in 4K ultra HD and 1080 with the slo-mo option, then this camera will be a great option. In addition, it can record 4k Ultra HD video at either 24 or 30 fps. 

You get to enjoy many shooting modes with this camera, including the time-lapse, burst photos, and you can also do live streaming.

With this camera, your videos will look more natural, thanks to the optical stabilization. The camera's design is unique from other action cameras, sleek, and features a white finish. If you like adventures, this camera is for you since it is splashproof and comes with a waterproof outer case.

Another notable feature of this unique camera is the Wi-Fi remote that enables you to view your recordings in real-time. This camera is a good definition of value for money, and you can prove this from the high-quality videos it delivers. 

It has a great image stabilization feature, multiple modes, and built-in Wi-Fi, and in the box, you will find a wireless live view remote and a waterproof case.

This camera has other outstanding points, such as it lasts for a long. It is also very cost-effective, and you can choose it amongst the many available action cameras.

Kidizoom Action Camera Review

Kidizoom action camera

It will be a great camera if you have kids aged 4 to 9 who love taking photos and videos. You will want a kid-friendly and durable camera because kids can be pretty careless. So you can trust this one. 

Also, the features of this camera are easy to navigate through; thus, your kids will have an easy time learning.

The camera comes with some unique features. It includes a helmet mount and a handle that allows users to easily use the camera in places such as pools and rocks. The kids can easily grip it and hold it firmly. Moreover, it also has a unique look so the kids can take pride when using it. 

It has a durable hard case that stands well even when it falls, so the camera will not spoil.

This camera can take regular photos and a series of pictures at specific intervals. It can also take videos that have audio in them, which the kids can utilize well. The kid can also attach the camera somewhere as they carry on with their activities such as bike riding.

Another notable benefit of this camera is the ability to stream videos on it. While this is a great feature, it can cause great distractions when using it.

Even though the camera is excellent, it is not a high-resolution camera which may limit its effectiveness. But, this is not a bother for most kids. On the positive side, it means that they do not take up most of the storage space.

Final Thoughts!

There are tons of great action cameras in the market and what you select depends on your preferences. If you are looking for budget-friendly ones, then the AKASO series will be a great option. But if you want a unique and high-resolution camera, try the Sony action camera. 

All in all, these cameras make perfect action cameras, and you get to enjoy them so much when using them.


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