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6 Durable 20qt Cooler for Backpacking or Camping


20-quart coolers are larger. These are ideal for couples or if going out in a group of two to four. On average, this should hold about 12 pounds of ice and 18 cans of drinks.

But, solo campers, anglers, and adventure lovers can still find this size relevant. Besides, it will depend on the duration they intend to stay outside. So, let's see what the market has and the variety you can choose for the next camping. 

Top 6 Durable 20qt Cooler for Backpacking or Camping

We understand that many brands are manufacturing 20-quart coolers, especially for campers and backpackers. Below are 6 of the best that boasts durability and functionality. 

1. Most Portable - AKASO 20L Backpack Cooler

AKASO 20qt Cooler

AKASO is a household name when it comes to coolers and refrigeration. The company has this model, among others, as a portable option for campers. Above all, it boasts a backpacking design and is easy to move around with at any time. 

NBR foam is for longer food preservation as it is resistant to cold and hot weather. Besides, its zipper is leak-proof and airtight to seal out hot air. As a result, it keeps the cooler's temperatures as low as possible. 

With a mildew-proof lining, you can be sure of no food spoilage. Thanks to the adjustable ergonomics, you can enjoy comfort as you carry the bag. 

What's more, the extras make it ideal for outdoor adventures. This cooler comes with an inbuilt bottle opener and an elastic cord. Most manufacturers don't add much to their coolers. If you don't buy them as separate products, you might have to DIY. 

2. Most Rugged - Pelican 20qt Cooler

As per the product description, this is a true 20-quart cooler. It can hold 15 cans which are equal to three bottles of wine. 

Pelican builds this with 2-inch polyurethane insulation for more excellent ice retention. Besides, the gasket has a rating of 360 degrees and is freezer grade. Thus, it means that its quality is dependable for an outdoor lover. 

The carry handle is sturdy and over-molded to allow for easier portability. This cooler is leak-proof as it has 3-inch locking latches to secure the lid to the gasket. Besides, the lockable hasp has reinforcement for durability and functionality. 

Other features that improve its operation are tie-down slots that are in-molded. There is an anti-shear hinge mechanism. It also comes with a stainless steel opener for your drinks. 

The cooler has non-skid feet with rubber for a tighter grip on the floor. The four cup holders have a self-draining mechanism.

Even more, you get a lifetime warranty on this product to cater for any repairs and replacements. 

3. Roto molded Construction - Yeti 20qt Cooler

Yeti 20qt Cooler

YETI is another brand that has set itself from the competition, especially with very high-quality cooling systems. The manufacturer recommends following the 2:1 ratio of ice to supplies. So, it means that it can carry about 14 cans. 

What's more, it has proven to work longer than most coolers in its category. Thanks to the 2-inch PermaFrost insulation. Also, the FatWall design's extra thickness contributes to this. 

Sturdiness is courtesy of the roto-molded design. That means it can withdraw the outdoor conditions and most brutalities. Moreover, latches are well-reinforced and built with the T-Rex mechanism for durability.

4. Long Ice Retention - Orca 20qt Cooler

Orca 20qt Cooler

Sometimes, your outdoor adventures can last longer than you expect. If you prepare yourself and pack smart, you won't have to worry about eating or drinking. 

But, how is this possible if you have a cooler that can't keep your supplies cold past three days? The solution is to invest in this one for those longer trips. 

This cooler has an operation duration of 10 days which is among the longest in its category. The manufacturer attributes this to the integrated insulation. Moreover, it ensures more ice retention and keeps your supplies fresh for a longer time. 

The roto-molded construction is for durability. As we know, an outdoor cooler should be sturdy enough. It is to withstand all the adversities without affecting its performance. 

This model passes the test. It comes with a lid gasket to create an excellent seal to keep its interior safe from hot air. With the single flex-grip handle, you can carry it around with ease. The stainless steel material on this handle is for durability. 

For extra storage, there is a cargo net attachment. Stash in a few light gears. Besides, it also improves the cooler's insulation. The manufacturer builds it with a drainage spout with an easy flow. 

5. Bear Proof – RTIC 20qt Cooler

Rtic 20qt Cooler

Bears can be destructive, and your cooler is prone to potential damage by them. But, if you get a good one built to keep them off, you shouldn't worry if it isn't close. Here's another one that can last about ten days, keeping your supplies cooler. 

What makes the cooler keep its temperature for this long is the 3-inch insulated walls. It comes with commercial-grade insulating foam. Also, the non-sweaty interior keeps the outside as dry as possible. 

The manufacturer adds tie-down slots that are well-molded. These ensure that you can anchor your cooler with ease. Moreover, the traction lid comes in handy when you need a workable casting platform. 

Thanks to the integrated locking system, the contents of the cooler remain safe. For portability, the in-molded side handles allow for easier lifting. These are unbreakable and long-lasting. 

There is a lid handle to allow you to lift it with ease. You can access the cooler's content with ease. With the roto-molded construction, the cooler remains almost indestructible. 

Even more, it comes with heavy-duty rubber T-latches to allow for trouble-free and smooth closure. 

You can drain the cooler faster with the rapid V-drain system. It comes with heavy-duty rope handles that are marine-grade for durability. The cool-lift design lifts your cooler above hot surfaces to keep its temperature.

Non-slip feet ensure a perfect grip on surfaces and prevent your cooler from toppling. With a freezer-style lid gasket, you can be sure of a very tight seal. 

It has an easy-flow drainage spout to expel the water and keep the ice into it. The no-fail hinges are full-length and have an interlocking mechanism. 

6. Soft-sided - Trooper 20 Cooler

Trooper 20qt Cooler

As the base remains solid and heavy-duty, its sides are softer and have a good-grade lining. The manufacturer builds it with a wider opening for easier content access. Moreover, the leak-proof seal will secure all its contents. 

The manufacturer builds it from high-grade TPU-coated nylon. It is for chemical, UV, and puncture resistance. Besides, it comes with Duraflex hardware for longevity. For portability, it has a 2-inch wide carrying strap with padding. 

It can keep your supplies cooler for more than three days. Thanks to the premium-grade thermal insulation. Moreover, it comes with a mounting system for your accessories. Its exterior pocket is water-resistant and can store your gear. 

Most people use it for fishing, sports, travel, road trips, rafting, and hiking. That means it is an excellent option for outdoor lovers. 

Is 20qt Cooler Large Enough?

Sure! This size is large enough. You can use it for solo camping or pack stuff if going out as a couple. If you plan for a family trip for a day, you can squeeze in a few snacks but don't overfill the cooler.


Squeezing it a little bit means that you won't be eating or drinking so much. That's because the ideal size for a family is about 25 to 35 quarts. 

Final Thoughts!

20-quart coolers are ideal for 1 to 4 people depending on how much you need to pack. From the buyer's guide, you can agree that the operating mechanism is different for each. That's why some can last three days while others can go up to 10 days.

Thus, it will be crucial to consider your needs and budget before buying any cooler. Otherwise, this compilation has something for everyone.

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