Best Foldable Paddle Board for Easy Packing


Paddle boarding should be on your bucket list if you want to try a great outdoor activity. 

Both the SUP and stand-up paddle boarding are perfect for any person; all you have to ensure is that you have the right gears.

Sometimes you will have to travel with the equipment, so you need to settle for a foldable paddleboard. So, which ones should you consider that are easy to pack?

Top 5 Foldable Paddle Board for Easy Packing


Foldable paddleboards are pretty easy to manage, and you can easily pack several in your car or backpack when on the move. Here are some of the best foldable paddleboards for easy packing!


1. AKASO IO01/IO02 Paddle Board

If you are looking for a manageable, foldable, and easy-to-pack paddleboard, this AKASO version should be your priority. It works pretty well for most water activities, including fishing, touring, yoga and paddling. If you love paddling, you require something to ensure that you are secure when on water. 

This paddleboard ensures security to the user thanks to its non-slip Eva pad fitted on the top to ensure that you do not slip by offering a firm grip of the feet. It is wide and thick enough, measuring about 5mm, giving you all the support you require when paddling. Moreover, there are support baffles still beneath it that helps in providing better support to the user.

The paddle features a UV-resistant exterior coating to protect the paddle from harmful UV rays that may make the paddleboard fade, crack but since it is present, it will help resist any form of dust and stains and, more so, the sun rays.

Another great feature available in this too is the airtight coating. The good thing is that the coating comes in two; therefore, ensure that the paddleboards remain inflated all through your activity and no air escapes from it. Moreover, you will get a 2 in 1 pump upon purchasing it to inflate it when it is short on air.

You need not worry about moving from one point to another since you can easily fold and pack it. It is not as heavy; therefore, you can comfortably carry it in the back. As a bonus, the paddleboard comes with a backpack to place it after folding.

2. Easy Eddy Paddle Board

The convenience that this paddleboard gives you makes it one of the best for paddling or fishing. It has an inflatable SUP, which is super effective and easy to fold and carry around. For great performance when using it, it features a standard fiberglass board that will make your paddling experience great.

Usually, most people will prefer to use standup paddleboards. But the issue with them is that they are hard to store and transport. If you are looking for one that will give you little hassle when packing and storing, this is it. The structure of this equipment is such that it is made of three sections that you can easily split.  

It will take you even less than a minute to split and fold them, thanks to its high-density polyethylene. You can also easily fit it at the back of your car. Also, it is pretty lightweight, so you can easily move with it from one point to another.

Another excellent feature about it is that it has a water-resistant storage hatch. So, you can keep valuables such as phones or cameras in there as you enjoy paddling. Moreover, it has several straps that help secure items in place, especially those that can get wet. You also have a place for mounting your camera and where you can place your water bottle.

3. FunWater Paddle Board

This paddleboard will allow you to have all the fun you require in the water. It works well for individuals in all skill levels who want to partake in various water adventures.  One great feature of this water paddle is an ergonomic handle.

Through the handle, you can easily inflate the paddle instantly. It also features a sensitive barometer so you can keep track of the SUP inflation pressure as you enjoy your adventure. If you have items that you carry along when paddling, then you can be sure they will be secure all through since it has sturdy strings that secure items in place.

When going for a water adventure, you will require something pretty portable and easy to carry. This paddleboard is what you require since it is quite light relative to other paddle boards of the same size. You can easily fold it to something manageable and place it in the large backpack that comes with it for easy carrying.

Its design is such that it is strong and durable; therefore, you will not worry about it getting problems or replacing it after several uses. Also, its water-resistant levels are always in check so, you need not worry about water reaching you or your items. Upon purchasing it, its package will also include a sup paddle, sup pump, dry bag, three fins, and a leash, which is a win for the price you are paying.

4. iROCKER Paddle Board

One of this paddleboard's most notable, unique features is its rigidness and stability. It is super stable, guaranteeing you comfort when on water. You can be sure that you will not slip with it and have an easy time using it.

It is pretty big, featuring 10" in length, a width of 32", a thickness of 6", and can support up to a weight of 370lbs. Therefore, if you are tall or planning to use it with multiple passengers, this is a great option. Its large width helps in providing extra stability to the riders.

It features a floating carbon paddle whose weight is pretty low relative to other paddles such as aluminum. Also, you can adjust the paddle to that of a kayak featuring a blade on both ends. Also, you have the choice of purchasing a kayak blade instead.

You can easily separate this paddleboard into three pieces for convenience when moving around. The pieces will easily fit into your backpack, so you have an easy time carrying them. The carry bag is comfortable, easy to move around with it, and will fit all your accessories.

The paddleboard also features a throttle, dual-chamber, and a triple action hand pump. Using the pump is easy, and it incorporates a pressure gauge that helps inflate the paddleboard faster. Also, there are four mounts that you can use to place your items.

5. Roc Paddle Board

This paddleboard comes from a high-quality military-grade material; therefore, it will serve you for long without cracking or chipping off. Despite the material being good quality, it is also lightweight, giving you an easy paddling time. Looking at the quality and the price, you can be sure that it is worth every penny and even its price is quite lower than other low-quality ones.

It is pretty wide and suitable for riders on all skills levels. It can fit a weight of up to 350 pounds which is pretty impressive. When you purchase this paddleboard, you need not spend extra cash on other accessories since it is all-inclusive. Some of them include a fin, leash, hand pump, waterproof bag, and of course a backpack to put all your items.

Which is the Most Recommended Paddle Board?

If you are looking for one that you can use as a group, then the IRocker paddleboard will be ideal since it can hold a weight of up to 370lbs. 

It is also wide, tough, and stable enough to hold weight. But due to its huge size carrying it around may be an issue. 

For this reason, you can resort to AKASO IO01/IO02, which can hold much weight and is also stable enough. AKASO also has more advanced features and is pretty affordable.

Final Thoughts!

When looking for outdoor gear, you need to consider how you will transport it from one place to another. 

For paddleboards, ensure you select one that is quite easy to fold, lightweight, and offers great features to make your adventure pretty enjoyable.


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