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Where is the use of an action camera particularly useful?

It doesn't matter whether you're an action junkie or do a sport in extreme conditions, with an action camera you'll get the perfect shots on land, underwater, or in the air. Thanks to the many brackets and accessories, there are no limits to their use.

Here is a small overview of possible locations:

Outdoor sports:

skiing or snowboarding

Surfing (surfing, wind or kite surfing, etc.)

Diving and snorkeling

Flying (paragliding, bungee jumping, skydiving, skydiving, etc.)





Indoor Sports/Entertainment:


Artistic gymnastics

Of course, this list can be expanded to include hundreds of other sports or purposes.

FAQ about action cameras


Do action cameras use a fish-eye lens?

Most, if not all, action cameras have a broad field of view (FOV) of 140 to 180 degrees. A fisheye lens is the only method to get that wide of a field of view.


What are the common problems for most action cameras?

Shots can be missed if you don't have control over the zoom since you can't get near enough to items that are farther away from the camera. There is no way to look at clips you filmed on site with the camera during playback, which can be a problem.


What is the battery life of most action cameras?

On average, your camera's battery lasts about 1.5 hours or less while shooting in 4K with the LCD screen and Wi-Fi connected.

Recommended action camera based on budget

There are so many camera models available in the market that can help you with photography during your snorkeling sessions. Beginners may therefore become confused after looking at so many options in the market, and it is good to do a search online first to get an idea about features and price ranges. Here we will quote the best recommendations regardless of budget. And if you're particularly budget-conscious, then we've also picked out the best picks.

AKASO Brave7

This one is included because it is a budget option and affordable compared to other options, it will be perfect for most people. Capable of taking 4K and 20MP stills, the front screen is a really nice touch for the price. Overall, this is a great package for anyone entering the world of action cameras to consider.



The AKASO Action Cam EK7000 Pro is equipped with a touch screen equipped with a 2-inch screen diagonal of 5 centimeters and an IPS display. In these displays, liquid crystals are arranged in an overlapping manner, which is intended to enable precise shading of the individual pixels. The result is less color distortion, wider viewing angles, and higher brightness.

The camera creates moving image recordings in Ultra HD. Photos are taken with a resolution of 16 megapixels, for which the manufacturer promises sharpness and clarity. Due to the waterproof housing of the action cam, dives can be made to a depth of 40 meters.


AKASO Brave 4

The AKASO Brave 4 is aimed at users who are looking for a cheap action cam and do not necessarily want to buy additional equipment. The equipment package includes a variety of brackets, a waterproof housing, and remote control that can be worn on the wrist. A special feature is that two rechargeable batteries and a suitable external charger are included. What is needed before you can start, however, is a class 10 micro SD card.

The industry position of AKASO

AKASO has three primary series: EK7000, Brave, and V50. V50>Brave>EK7000 is the order of pricing from high to low. AKASO has made the switch to 4K models. There are hardly any manufacturers that can contend on the same footing. New features, such as a touch screen, bare metal waterproofing, electronic picture stabilization, voice control, and 8 times slow play, will be introduced to each upgrade.

There is a theme for each season. The EK series, for example, is aimed at the lower end of the market and is primarily functional. The Brave series is placed in the mid-range market and contains features that set it apart from the competition. However, even devices in the mid-range market offer characteristics that many other products lack, such as bare metal waterproofing and a touch screen.

The V50 series is aimed at the high-end market, and the full product line is built on real 4K technology, with ongoing upgrades and modifications for each edition. The V50 Elite has performed so well in the market.

AKASO has increasingly moved away from selling goods and toward manufacturing them, and the continued expansion of its product line in a particular segment has surely boosted the premium potential of its own brand.


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