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Top 10 Action Camera Accessories


Action camera accessories can take the production value of your action footage to the next level and result in some very awe-inspiring shots. If you are looking for a cheap and easy way to increase the quality of your action footage, check out this list of the best action camera accessories that you can get today.

GoPro mount to ¼” standard camera mount adapter

Tripod Conversion Adapter

Since GoPro is the reigning champion in the action camera market, many of the best accessories are designed specifically for GoPros. However, GoPros have a different mount layout than the standard 0.25-inch mount on most other cameras. If you have an action camera from another manufacturer, do not despair. This nifty little adapter will allow you to connect your favorite GoPro accessories to your action cam, no matter what brand it is from.

GoPro tripod mounts

GoPro Tripod Mount

However, the opposite is also possible. You might have accessories for standard cameras and want to attach them to your GoPro. Luckily for you, GoPro has got you covered. They have provided a handy little solution in the form of official GoPro Tripod Mounts. These are a set of mounts (1 Tripod and 1 Quick Release Tripod) that can adapt your accessories to work with any GoPro camera. Neat!

Gorillapod tripod


Any camera enthusiast’s kit is never complete without a decent tripod. The Gorillapod has flexible legs that you can bend and shape to always have a level shot, no matter the terrain.



A monopod or selfie stick is the easiest way to record yourself having fun in a skateboard park or during other adventurous pursuits. Longer monopods allow for a wider field of view so your audience can see exactly what is happening around you.

Head or chest strap

Chest Strap

Many activities, like skiing or parachuting, demand the use of both of your hands and legs. If you do not want to deal with the hassle of holding a monopod, investing in a good head strap to hold your camera securely to your body might be a good idea. Head straps offer a higher mounting point for your camera but might feel uncomfortable to some. If you want a lower mounting point or a more comfortable mounting strap, opt for a chest strap instead.

Handlebar strap

Handlebar Strap

If your adventure of choice is biking, a handlebar strap will prove to be a worthwhile investment. Whether you are performing back-flips on your BMX or navigating your way down a perilous mountain track, a handlebar strap will secure your camera to your bike’s frame, leaving you free to maneuver your bike easily.

Handheld Gimbal

Gimbal Stabilizer

Stability in your action shots is of prime importance. However, it can be quite a difficult task trying to keep your camera level while rollerblading down a hill.

This is where handheld gimbals come in. You can easily use one hand to hold the gimbal and achieve extremely smooth and jitter-free footage as a result.

Suction mount

Suction Mount

One of the best action camera accessories is a suction mount. This is a very versatile device that allows you to attach your camera to a multitude of surfaces. If you wish to capture dash cam-like footage with your action cam, a suction mount will prove to be invaluable.



If you find your footage to be tinted with one color, buying a filter would be a wide choice. A plethora of filters are available on the market today, all of which perform different tasks. UV filters reduce blue tint when you are shooting in daylight, while red filters make underwater footage stand out. Neutral filters tone down shots overexposed to light. There are even filters for magnifying your shots or making them more glittery. Keeping different filters in your arsenal and using them often will lead to a better production value of your captured footage.

Wind noise muffler

Wind Noise Remover

Every veteran action cam enthusiast knows how the dreaded wind noise can torpedo the quality of your footage. Many of us have learned this the hard way when we come home after shooting on a kayak and realize that the noise of the wind drowned out all other sounds on the water. Investing in a wind noise muffler will get rid of this problem instantaneously while keeping other sounds, like your voice, audible and clear throughout the footage.


It is no secret that a good inventory of action camera accessories can bring up the production quality of your footage by quite a few notches. Fortunately, many of these will not cost you an arm and a leg, especially the AKASO 14 in 1 action camera accessories kit, so you can start building your collection of action camera accessories today!

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