10 Best Action Camera Under 100 [2021]


Shopping for the perfect camera to capture your experience takes more than window shopping. You can get quality for a pocket-friendly price. However, you've got to know a thing or two about the varying features of different brand action cameras. We've put together a list of some of the best and affordable below $100.  Glance through their features to make your desired pick. Let's get started! 

Is there a GoPro under 100?

When talking about an action camera, GoPro may be the first one that pops into your mind and you may wonder if there is any chance to get a GoPro in less than 100 dollars. Unfortunately, there is no GoPro under $100, not even the outdated models. Even a used GoPro Hero 4, which was first released in 2014, will cost you at least $160. 

There is no chance to get a GoPro for less than $100, but no worry, there is plenty of good and affordable action camera that you can get under 100. 

1. Polaroid Cube Act II – HD 1080p Action Camera

Price: $30

The Polaroid Cube Act II weather-resistant camera is a 1inch display camera with a wide-angle lens. With as low as $23.99, you could capture your memorable experience. Let's get right into the features of this tech beauty. 

Features & Specifications 

ITSY-BITSY Sensitive: With a length of 1.4" and a width of 49grams, this camera captures every fragment of your memories in HD video on-the-go. Indeed, the best things come in cute packages. 

Advanced-technology Camera: The Polaroid CUBE ACT II captures and records in a High definition of 720p or 1080p video. This beauty also captures still images in 6mp to give your pictures the perfect gradient. For the best images and video action, it also comes with a 124 degrees wide-angle lens.

Highly Flexible: Speaking of sizes, this Cube Act comes with a rubber-sized package for use in all weather conditions. 

Easy-to-use & Operate: Unlike other gadgets with similar features, the Polaroid Cube Act is easy to operate. By holding the multi-function button till the led light pops green, you're set to start recording. Listen for the three beeps, then point to your object. 

What You Get: 128GB SD Card, a wrist strap, manual guide, 10m waterproof case, multi-purpose connectivity (Wi-Fi, USB & Cube+ app), and your camera.   


◆ Storage up to 128GB Wide-range angle lens

◆ Advanced-technology camera

◆ Attractive packaging


◆ Limited hours during use

2. AKASO Brave 6

Price: $84.99

The Ultra 4K24 video with EIS feature makes this product one of our favorites. With this capture resolution, you get a clear image video output. On this one, its 20MP photo, 6 x zoom qualifies it on this best action camera under the $100 category. 

Features & Specifications

Water-resistant: While underwater, the adjustable viewing angle aids camera rotation as desired. This best budget action camera can dive into the water as far as 100ft. 

Improved Voice Control Feature: The amazing voice control feature on the AKASO Brave 6 wowed the market upon release. When activated, a recognized speech could control its functions even during a dive.

Extra Key Features: This wonder comes with a wide range of extra key features. From driving mode, motion detection, white balance, special effects, and self-timer. To electronic image stabilization, micro HDMI, anti-shaking, and time-lapse video.


◆ Waterproof up to 100feet  

◆ Adjustable viewing angle

◆  Motion detection sensitive

◆ Improved zoom 


◆  Poor lens protection

3. AKASO EK7000

Price: $59.99

On this best buy action camera under the $100 category, the AKASO EK7000 takes the lead. 

Features & Specifications

4K HD & Wide-angle Lens: Specifically known for its 4K ultra HD video, with a wide-angle lens covering 170°. 

Pocket-friendly & Water-resistant: The AKASO EK7000 reveals its images using a 2 in LCD. With a pocket-friendly price of $59.99, this best budget action camera has a waterproof casing functional up to 30 meters.

Dual Batteries: Aside from the basic accessories, this action camera utilizes two batteries and 15 mounting accessories.

WI-FI Connectivity: Its built-in Wi-Fi enables users to connect devices within a 30ft range.

Long-lasting Recording Time: Each battery comes with an increasing recording time from 60, 90, and 180 minutes.

Extra Key Features: Key features like remote control, loop recording, screensaver, auto power-off, and gyroscope makes it a unique one. 


◆ 4K Ultra video resolution

◆ Water-resistant up to 30m

◆ 15 mounting accessories

◆ 170° wide-angle lens


◆ Not effective under low light

4. APEMAN A100 - Best Action Cam under 100

Price: $99.99

Apeman 100

Apeman A80 used to be a good option for action cam under 100, but now it is unavailable and updated to A87, which is priced above $100($129). Now you can only get its A100 model for sub $100, which is the most “expensive” selection in the under $100 category.  

Features & Specifications

4K/50fps Ultra HD video: it levels up the 4K video recording to 50fps, which means the camera can capture more details than other action cameras under 100 that offers 4K video at 30fps. 

Adjustable wide-angle: Shoot videos with wide-angle. It is adjustable in 3 modes: Wide/Medium/Narrow.

The large capacity 1350mAh batteries: it is packed with two 1350mAh batteries and each of them can support 4K video recording for 60 minutes in a row.

2 inch IPS retina touch screen: with a 2-inch touch screen, you can preview your shots more clearly and make changes on the camera more easily.

Equipped with ISO, EV, and AWB effects: you can enhance your videos with the various effects and edit them with the Apeman app. 


◆ 4K/50FPS videos

◆ Water-resistant up to 40m with cases

◆ Long battery life with an extra battery

◆ Enhanced exposure control


◆ Expensive in the sub $100 category

5. Campark V30 - Best Native 4K Action Camera Under 100

Price: $99

Campark V30 is a decent choice if you need an action camera under 100. It offers all the basic features you can find in a premium action cam and in a more affordable price. 

Features & Specifications

Native 4K video: record high-quality videos at 4K/30fps and capture 20MP photos, which can guarantee the views are taken in high quality

6-axis gyroscope EIS: its built Electronic Image Stabilization system can effectively reduce blurring in your videos that are taken in motion

Waterproof up to 30 meters: like other cheap action cameras under 100 or 50, Campark V30 can not be waterproof by itself. But with its protective case, it can be water-resistant up to 30 meters (100ft) in depth.

Self Timer mode: the budget action cam has self-timer mode which enables you to set up a timer for the camera to take a picture automatically. 

More accessories: the action camera is packed with 2 batteries, a bicycle stand, tripod mount, strap mount, and other accessories that enable you to mount the cam anywhere. 


◆ Great image stabilization 

◆  Multiple shooting modes: self-timer, time-lapse

◆ Packed with accessories

◆ Professional shooting parameter


◆ Poor sound options.

6. SJCAM SJ8 Air - Action Camera for Beginners

Price: $99

SJCAM SJ8 Air lacks many key features comparing to its upgrade version - SJ8 Pro, such as 4K video support. Go for an SJ8 Pro if you have more budget. 

Features & Specifications

Novatek chipset: the camera delivers better resolution and more stable system performance with the chip. 

1296P/60FPS & 14MP: It is a pity that this action camera doesn't support 4K recording. You need to upgrade to SJ8 Pro to get the 4K feature.

Intuitive to use: with its Retina touch screen, you can easily set up the recording settings or choose different modes from the user-friendly interface.

SJCAM phone app: You can use the app to transfer the videos & photos in the camera to your phone for editing or uploading.

Waterproofing up to 30 meters with housing: you can dive up to 30 meters with this camera with its case. 


◆ SJCAM phone app for remote control and video editing

◆ Larger screen comparing to other inexpensive action cameras

◆ 3 FOV settings to capture FOV videos

◆ A variety of mounts 


◆ No 4K video recording

7. Vivitar HD Action Camera DVR 783HD - Action Camera Under $50

Price: $21.94

Features & Specifications

1280p video: with such a low price, Vivitar doesn't support 4K recording, but it supports HD videos and 5.1 MP photos.

Waterproof up to 30 feet: it provides a waterproof case that enables you to shoot videos underwater.

Mountable: helmet mount, ATV/bicycle mount, and free-standing mount are included in the package.

Supports micro SD cards up to 32 GB


◆ Very low price

◆ Waterproof case included

◆ Remote control

◆ Full HD video


◆ Poor video quality

8. Amkov AMK7000S Action Camera 

Price: $55.84

This Amkov 12MP image resolution action camera comes in a total shock-resistant alloy steel body. Its anti-shake technology makes it the most sought after among action cameras of its range. Get long duration recording and other features for a pocket-friendly price below $100. 

Features & Specifications 

Upgraded Chipset & Display: The AMK7000S camera comes with a Sunplus 6350M Chipset. The upgraded 2" back LCD screen allows HD display of the image during recording.

Long-lasting Battery Life: Get a 1150mAh battery on the camera for up to 90mins of recording.

Large Memory Storage: External memory storage space up to 32GB for wider pictures and video capture.

Great Angle Lens & Frame Rate (170° wide-angle view, & 30, 60, and 120fps respectively)

Clear Image And Video Resolution: With an image resolution of 12MP and video of 1080p, this camera has got all the action you need.

Multiple Connectivity Options: Wi-Fi, HDMI, USB, Micro Card, and the Amkov app. 


◆  Upgraded Amkov chipset

◆  HD display output

◆ Anti-shake technology 


◆ Weak aperture speed 

9. Gnolkee G44H- Black 4K Action Camera

Price: $46.99

Still, on quality for an affordable price, the Gnolkee 4K action camera comes as low as $46.99. The G44H presents an attractive outward casing that captures everyone's attention. Its 4K video resolution makes it easier to capture distorted objects. Let's look into other features.

Features & Specifications 

Multiple Shooting Modes: Time-lapse capturing, loop & interval recording, and prolonged recording mode.

Waterproof Action Camera: The Gnolkee G44H camera has a waterproof protective function underwater during recordings. All sporting events can be captured with this camera as far as 30m below surface level.

Wi-Fi Connectivity Function: With the Wi-Fi function, images and video recordings can be live stream online. You also have the advantage of sharing your experience with smart devices above the water level.

Very affordable for vlogging and YouTube professionals.


◆ Upgraded image & video resolution

◆ HD video display

◆ Prolonged recording mode

◆ Time-lapse capturing


◆ Frequent recharging of batteries

10. Dragon Touch Vision 3

Price: $54.99

When it comes down to affordability, the Dragon Touch Vision 3 action camera gets everyone's attention. With its price as low as $39.99, this action camera offers a 4K Ultra HD video coverage. 

Features & Specifications

Multiple Sports, Webcam, and Waterproof: This best buy action camera is perfect for a wide range of sporting activities. The PC webcam feature allows a multi-purpose recording option. Its flexibility underwater qualifies it for this best budget action camera category. 

High Video Resolution: The 4K video capture resolution blends perfectly with its 170° vertical angle feature.

Lasting Battery Life: You'd hope that a camera with such functionalities would have a battery life issue. However, this best action camera under $100 does the exact opposite. Its dual batteries are capable of powering the action camera for up to 180 minutes.

Perfect Zoom Feature: Enjoy the 4 x zoom feature for capturing distanced objects.


◆ Extended battery life 

◆ 4K video resolution 


◆  Quite fragile on the lens 

Why are action cameras so cheap?

Comparing to expensive compact cameras, DSLR cameras that are priced above $500 or even above $1000, action cameras are much cheaper. So what are these small cameras so cheap and do they work well at such a low price?

There are various reasons why an action camera is so cheap. 

Instead of the metal body, most action cameras are made from plastic and rubber, which is cheaper.  

Moreover, unlike DSLRs and mirrorless cameras that are made for professionals, action cameras are mostly used for fun and don't need the kind of high image quality that only can be achieved by premium electronics components. Action cameras are not as good as a professional digital camera in image quality, but they are good enough to record an exciting and fun moment in life. 

What is the best knock-off of GoPro?

Some might call these cheap action camera GoPro knock-offs as they offer features that similar to GoPro and at a lower price. They can be a good alternative to GoPro if you don't want to spend a fortune on an action camera. There is no definite answer to the question about the best GoPro knock-offs. It all depends on what you need to do the camera. 


Having listed these best budget action cameras, it's no surprise that quality can be affordable. As seen, the AKASO EK7000 has extra functions than the others. Nonetheless, they are all affordable and provide distinct video functionalities. For a budget of as low as $100, you could become the owner of one of these action cameras. Get one of these action cameras today, for a remarkable video recording experience!