Top 5 Boat Coolers for Your Marine Tours


A cooler is an essential piece of equipment for any boat trip for several reasons. They can store food, bait, or drink depending on the purpose of your trip.

But keeping things cool requires smart design, so choosing the best marine cooler is no easy task. Here, I’ll show you some consideration while choosing a boat cooler.

Part 1: Features of the Best Boat Coolers


Coolers mainly come in a very standard shape from the often seen rectangular box, the size of the space inside the box is normally measured in quarters. As a measure, a quart is a quart and is only more than 1 liter. So the more quarts a refrigerator can hold, the more content it can hold.


When a cooler is rotationally molded (rotomoulded) it adds a great deal of force but that's not the only place a cooler needs to be strong. You also have to make sure you have a strong seal and your closures can hold tight.


Plastic is the material of choice if you want an effective and durable refrigerator. It will keep your contents cooler for longer and will also be more durable in the process.


Of course, insulation is the end of boat coolers, as it is what will keep their contents cool. 2 or 3 inches of insulation is ideal for long-term ice retention, as this will be able to keep its contents cold for days rather than hours.

Ice retention

Ice retention is the amount of time a refrigerator will be able to keep ice in its shape without completely melting under normal temperatures.

Sewer system

Most fridges come with at least one drain, while many models have two options to make it easier to control the amount of water in the fridge and reduce odors emanating from it.

Latches and hinges

The latches and hinges must be made of high-quality materials to keep the contents inside as fresh as possible. Plastic hinges can be effective but metal hinges are preferred, but make sure they are resistant to seawater and therefore rust.


When it comes to refrigerators, portability can sometimes be difficult. They are often large and bulky and when fully loaded they can be very heavy. Due to these difficulties, the handles of the same must be as easy to use as possible so that you can carry the heavyweight without hurting your hands.

Ability to withstand harsh conditions

It must have the ability to be unaffected by sunlight and resistant to UV light, as well as resistant to shock and debris, and corrosive seawater.

Here, I have reviewed the best-insulated boat coolers whose cooling performance in water has been tested and proven. For starters, here are our top picks of the best boat coolers-

Part 2: Best Boat Coolers

1. AKASO 12 Boat Soft Cooler - Keep Cold for 60 Hours

Being miles from the coast, the only way to enjoy a cool drink is to have these handy mini-bag coolers on board. If you love hiking, among the best portable cooler bag you can opt for AKASO 12 Boat Soft Cooler. It is a soft and easily transportable cooler bag over the shoulder. So you can take it with you even on particularly demanding outings.

The 12-liter capacity will allow you to store all the essentials for a nutritious refreshment stop. In addition, thanks to the eco-friendly NBR foam insulation you will be able to keep food and drinks fresh for a long time up to 60 hours. AKASO 12 Boat Soft Cooler is equipped with 2pcs zipper lubricant and a bottle opener.

The salient feature of this icebox is the 5-layer insulation system. In this way, AKASO 12 Boat Soft Portable Cooler prevents the formation of bacteria, guaranteeing the healthiness of stored food.

2. Yeti ROADIE 24 Quart Boat Cooler

This penultimate device comes in different color options, the dimensions are 18 x 17 x 14 inches, and with a total weight of 15.7 Pounds. Yeti ROADIE 24 icebox is light and portable with excellent insulation to keep the contents cool, it is advisable to put ice cubes.

This icebox has the characteristic of keeping the fish perfectly cold and It has been designed with a padded shoulder strap and is perfect for long walks, or days spent camping. Yeti ROADIE 24 is a particular cooling box that can also contain 2-liter plastic bottles, moreover, the design is very harmonious and loving.

The container is quite sturdy that ensures durability, and the efficiency of the insulation with a polyurethane foam padding and the lid, ensures good cooling performance. It also has a threaded drain plug, ultraviolet inhibitors, and is anti-stain and also anti-odor.

3. Igloo 50 Quart Marine Cooler with Tie Down Point

Igloo 50 Quartz Icebox, the device is white, with a weight of 9.03 kg, and a dimension of 35.8 x 20.5 x 22.4 inches. This boat cooler is a very useful cooling container, in fact, thanks to its ultra thermal insulation, it manages to perfectly keep ice up to four days at an ambient temperature.

It has a maximum ice chest capacity of 124-quart, and in addition, this cooler is large enough to provide snacks and cold drinks for days to friends or family. It is equipped with a coating against yellowing, various stains, strong odors such as that of fish, and finally also against the degradation caused by ultraviolet rays. Finally, it is also equipped with two handles(both sides) completely covered with a special non-slip material.

But that's not all, Igloo 50 Quartz is also perfect for professional applications such as the cooler is widely used for events, such as catering, hunting, fishing, or boat hunting.

4. Coleman 100 Quart Marine Cooler

This Coleman 100 Quart icebox has a dimension of 36.5 x 17.7 x 17.2 inches, and a weight of 7.6 Kg. Coleman 100 Quart keeps the fish perfectly fresh for up to a total of 5 days. Thanks to its engineered Polyurethane insulation, this substantial icebox keeps the cold down to temperatures as low as 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

It can hold a maximum of 130 cans and as if that were not enough, there is also enough space to store large quantities of food, thanks to the special cup holders integrated into the lid the drinks will always be at hand and well protected. The anti-leak drain also allows you to easily empty any excess water so that the icebox is always ready for any type of occasion.

Compared to other manufacturers, Coleman rigid iceboxes are equipped with particular polyurethane insulation, which is a perfect very dense insulating material that fills the inside of the icebox, in the base, and the lid, not allowing air to filter and thus improving the seal.

Finally, this container is made of sturdy propylene, it is extremely smooth, with the specific purpose of cleaning it more easily.

5. Engel 108 Quart High-Performance Cooler

This Engel 108 Quart cooling container is presented in white color, with a capacity of 108 Quartz, a weight of 45.65 Pounds, and a dimension of 41.75 x 19 x 18.6 inches. This boat cooler is perfectly suited to a life on board, it is composed of a cool box equipped with ultraviolet rays protection, extra reinforced handles, hinges, and closures, it is also covered with non-marking rubber feet.

This icebox has been specially designed to withstand the harsh and humid living environment of a boat, and obviously to keep the day's catch, snacks, and cold drinks fresh. In addition, thanks to the thick high-density closed-cell polyurethane insulation, the cold box is capable of retaining the ice for up to10 days at an ambient temperature and comes with a warranty of 10 years.


We have seen the various portable iceboxes to preserve fish in the best way, but also other foods or drinks to share with the whole family or friends. Whatever your use, we hope this article has given you the knowledge you need to make the best choice and find the best marine refrigerator for you. Once you've done that, you can be sure that its contents will stay cold for days and the refrigerator will last a long time.