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Which is the Best Action Camera in Budget?


A premium action camera can cost $500 or even $600, which is too expensive for a camera that you may attach to a surfboard or your pet's collar. 

In fact, you don't have to invest so much money in a tiny action camera that is often used as a second camera in outdoor sports. There are cheap action cameras that you can get for under $300, $200, or even $100. (If you are on a tight budget, check the list of the best action cameras under $100).

These budget action cameras can perfectly do the job without breaking the bank. They also offer useful action-camera features, such as 4K video recording, waterproof capability, image stabilization, the ability to mount on a helmet, handlebar, and more. Read on and find out the best budget action camera for you. 

Best budget waterproof action camera

AKASO Brave 7 - IPX8 Waterproof without Case

Budget: $139.99 (Get it with 10% off at

Budget IPX8 Waterproof Action Camera

Brave 7 is currently the newest flagship of AKASO, but it is much cheaper than GoPro, DJI action camera, or Sony action camera. This budget action camera put together the fancy features that you can only find in a high-end action camera, such as:  

- IPX8 waterproof body(which means the camera can take videos underwater without wearing any waterproof housing);

- front-facing screen (which can be found on GoPro Hero 9, DJI OSMO; most budget action cameras only have a rear screen);

- EIS 2.0(Upgraded electronic image stabilization to deliver smooth videos in motion).


- Waterproof: up to to 5M/16FT with no case; up to 131FT/40M in the case;

- 4K video: up to 30fps

- 1080P HD video: up to 60fps

- Still images: 20MP

- Image stabilization: EIS 2. 0

- Battery life: 1hrs 50 mins

- Features: Voice control, time lapse, slow motion, 3 x Zoom, adjustable FOV, external mic supported, diving mode.

GoPro Hero 7 White - Waterproof up to 10M

Budget: Under $199.99

Waterproof up to 10M

GoPro Hero 7 is a cheap GoPro released in 2018 and now has been discontinued. The Hero 7 white variant is now the cheapest action camera you can get from GoPro. 

Comparing to GoPro Hero 7 Black, the white version is a lite version, lacking fancy functions like GPS performance, TimeWarp video, live streaming, but it is still a decent choice if you need a budget waterproof action camera. 

Hero 7 white can be waterproof to 33ft/10M without a protective case. It can go deeper in water than AKASO Brave 7, however, since it is a 2018 model, it lacks many powerful new features, including 4K video recording, front-facing screen, 20MP still photos. 


- Waterproof: up to to 10M/33FT with no case

- 4K video: No

- 1080P HD video: up to 60fps

- Still images: 10MP

- Image stabilization: Yes

- Battery life: 1hrs 30 mins; Unremovable &rechargeable battery 

- Features: Voice control, slow motion, photo timer, touch screen

Best cheap 4K action camera

AKASO V50 Elite - 4K/60fps

Budget: $139.99

Cheap 4K Action Camera

One of the reasons why you should pick V50 elite is that for less than $200, you can get an action cam that delivers 4K footage at up to 60fps, the 4K quality that you can only find in $400 action cameras like GoPro Hero 9. (What is Frame Rate(fps) and Why does it matter?)

Although it can't be waterproof with no case like Brave 7, you can still take V50 Elite underwater with the waterproof case that comes with the camera. 


- Waterproof: up to to 40M/131FT with case

- 4K video: up to 60fps

- 1080P HD video: up to 120fps

- Still images: 20MP

- Image stabilization: Yes, inner six-axis gyroscope

- Battery life: 1hrs 30 mins

- Features: Voice control, 8 x zoom, touch screen, time-lapse, slow motion, loop recording. 

YI Lite Action Camera 

Budget: $89.99

Yi 4K+ has been known as one of the best 4K action cameras and its lite version, Yi Lite can also capture 4K video at up to 20fps. Powered by SONY Exmor image sensor, you can record 4 videos in high quality and capture 16-megapixel images for less than $100 USD. It also features a 150° ultra-wide-angle lens with an aperture of f2.8.

Like V50 Elite, Yi Lite is not waterproof and you can purchase a waterproof case if you need to take underwater videos. 


- Waterproof: No

- 4K video: up to 20fps

- 1080P HD video: up to 60fps

- Still images: 16MP

- Image stabilization: EIS(up to 1440p/30fps)

- Battery life: 2hrs 10 mins

- Features: Wi-Fi to control the camera up to 330ft (100m) away, burst photos, time-lapse.

Cheap action camera with image stabilization

AKASO V50 Pro 

Budget: Under $109

V50 Pro provides inner six-axis gyroscope image stabilization to tackle the blurriness caused by camera shake. The image stabilization of V50 Pro works best when you shoot in 2.7k/1080p, although the camera can also shoot 4k videos at 30fps. 

Like other AKASO action cameras, V50 Pro also offers various shooting modes, including time-lapse, loop recording, filters, diving mode, etc. 


- Waterproof: 30M waterproof in case

- 4K video: up to 30fps

- 1080P HD video: up to 60fps

- Still images: 20MP

- Image stabilization: EIS

- Battery life: 1hrs 30 mins

- Features: Wi-Fi, burst photos, time-lapse, slow motion, remote control, optional filters. 

Which is the cheapest action camera?

You can find many unbelievably cheap action cameras on Amazon. And the cheapest one takes only $15. With such a low price, you can't expect much from the camera. No 4K videos, no image stabilization, and definitely no waterproof body. And the video and image quality is unbearably blurry and unclear. Only get an action camera for less than $25 if you only want to have fun and use it one or two times. 

What can a budget action camera offer? 

Although a budget action camera can be as cheap as 100 dollars, it doesn't mean that the camera is a piece of garbage, quite the opposite, these cheap action cameras come with all the basic features that you can find in their premium counterparts, including:

- 4K video recording, plus 1080p at 60fps

- Image stabilization 

- Waterproof

- Raw footage view option

- Mountable accessories

- Wi-Fi & Bluetooth support

Why are these action cams so cheap? 

First of all, they are not from a big brand like GoPro so you don't have to pay for the name. Secondly, low-budget action cameras avoid top-quality materials and cut the business cost, so the products have a lower price tag. Therefore, you can't expect professional-level image quality from these cheap action cameras, but they are good enough to take a clear and crisp shot of everything during a trip, bike riding, scuba diving, and much more. 


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