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5 Best Inflatable Family Lounge Pools for Your Yard


When you can't go to a public pool, you can easily build a pool in your yard with an inflatable pool for the family. 

A family-size inflatable pool is easy to install and is big enough to be enjoyed by the whole family. The parents can have a rest in the water while the kids can have pool fun. 

Here we present you with 5 great inflatable family lounge pools for your family to have a cool summer. 

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AKASO IF02 family full-sized inflatable pool

Dimension: 9.8ft x 71in x 22in

Capacity: 268 gallons of water for 3-5 kids and 2 adults

Material: BPA-free PVC

Price: $119.99

This is a rectangular inflatable pool that is made of heavy-duty and environmentally-friendly BPA-free PVC material. The material is very safe to use with kids and can reduce the risk of punctures. Each sidewall is 30cm wide, allowing you and the kids to lean against the inner wall comfortably.

The pool is very easy to set up. It takes about 3~4 minutes to inflate with an electric pump. You can also use an air compressor or regular bike pump for inflation. 4 repair patches are included.

Intex inflatable 2 seat swim center family lounge pool

Dimension: 8.75ft. x 8.75ft. x 26in

Capacity: 221 gallons of water

Material: Plastic

Price: $164.99

This family lounge pool has backrests and cushioned seats for you to comfortably sit down as the kids playing. It also includes a drain plug for quick water drainage and a repair patch to fix a hole in the pool. Just have a seat and enjoy the summer. 

Summer Waves inflatable family pool with Mosaic interior print

Dimension: 9.1ft. x 8.3ft. x 26in

Capacity: 221 gallons of water

Material: Plastic

Price: $69.99

This inflatable family lounge pool with 2 cushioned seats features mosaic interior print, which makes it look likes an inground pool. It provides room for the entire family to lay back and relax in the water. Repair patch included.

H2OGO Inflatable Family Kiddie Pool

Dimension: 7ft x 6.9ft x 27in

Material: Plastic

Price: $98.99

This inflatable family lounge pool provides 2 cushions and 2 headrests for you to comfortably rest in the pool. It also has 2 cup holders for you to easily have a drink while in the pool. After you have enjoyed the day, you can quickly release pool water with its drain valve. 

Play Day 10 Foot Family Pool

Dimension: 10ft x 6.9ft x 27in

Material: PVC 

Capacity: 440 gallons of water

Price: $57.50

This inflatable pool is a budget-friendly option for the family. It has a double valve intake design and enough space for everyone in the family. 

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